Lotus sanitizer cleaner microfiber cloth question

marie26November 15, 2008

I love my lotus sanitizer cleaning system but whenever I'm cleaning the kitchen, the microfiber cloths get very wet very quickly. When wet, the microfiber cloth seems grimy to me. Do you just wring it out or do you use another dry, clean cloth? When I finish cleaning, should I rinse the cloth out under the kitchen faucet and lay it out to dry or should I be tossing it into the laundry?

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I keep many microfiber cloths. I bought a pack of 20 in the Walmart automotive section for something like $5.00.
I just keep a small bucket by my hamper and toss my microfibers in it. If they are wet I hang them on the side to dry so I don't get mildew.
I use them for everything. Even dishcloths.
It is my thinking here but I don't believe you can properly sanitize if you are starting out with a contaminated cloth.
Just invest in a large pack and you will feel much better about cleaning.
I have so many cloths that I don't feel bad about running a load of just the cloths alone. That way I know they are clean and ready to go again.

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