pleas help a confused canister vacuum shopper

lilafterNovember 27, 2010


virgin canister vacuum shopper here!

i've been researching all over the web for a canister vacuum and narrowed it down to a miele or possibly sebo. currently, driving myself batty sweeping and swiffering.

initially was going to buy a stick vac, but the canisters can do soooo much more! plus santa is buying the vacuum (within reason)

750 sq feet home, mostly hardwood, little tile, do have sheepskin and flokati rug (both are rolled away right now), short haired cat and myself- medium/long shedding hair, vertically challenged with small hands, no major allergies but do not want dust coming back out of vacuum.

needs to be a simple, reliable work horse,store compactly, do its job well. would like on-board storage. do not want electric wand/telescope. will buy parquet floor attachment.

miele- s2 olympus- cheapest, lightest while using the largest bag. i really thought this was a perfect first vacuum but it lacks on-board storage and does not store upright/compactly. made in china? skimped on finish and uses lesser quality attachments, uses the largest bag but is it able to fill it up within the compact canister?

s5 ariel or pices- basic s5 models. hepa filter, non electric wand, uses largest bag and stores compactly. finish and quality of materials is better than the s2 class, but is it more than $200 better quality/materials vs the olympus?

skipping the s4 group b/c they use a smaller bag but is midsize?

sebo- not sure about the models, but sebo kept coming up as an direct alternative to miele. plus the handle is more fitting for petite hands and lower in price(?).

i finally found a vac shop that is relatively close. hopefully they have a lot of models to play with.


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Bare floors are the easiest thing to clean, it's carpeting that complicates the matter. Traditionally canisters have done better with the former and uprights with the latter.

Quite frankly you could save yourself a ton of money by buying a small shop vac. It will get your floors plenty clean and you can use it to vacuum the car or garage too. Then buy an inexpensive upright for the area rugs.

I have an Electrolux canister than I've been quite pleased with. Does a great job on hard surfaces, better than average on rugs. I don't have pets so I can't evaluate it's performance with pet hair. I bought it reconditioned from a company called CPO Electrolux. I couldn't tell you what was reconditioned about it, other than a stamp on the bottom. About $250 delivered.

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In the past, I've owned 2 Electrolux canisters, one had a power head that converts it to a stand-up vacuum. Both worked very well. One was old, a hand me down from a relative, I just gave it away. the second (with the power head) hsd preoblems with the hose. It kept getting jammed with hair and dust. Expensive to pay to clean out. That one got thrown away. Since then I've had three different vacuums, all proved to not work very well at all. Hoover Windtunnel (the worst), a Bissell, and Eureka The Boss. Don't buy any of the lst three.

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m.k.- i actually do have a small shop vac. used it to clean up dust/dirt from home repairs. but its very noisy and dusty and scratches the wood floors.

jannie- ruled out the electrolux early on as well as the other brands you mentioned.

the sebo c2.1 seems like the miele s5 ariel but is actually costs a little bit more.

heading to the vac shop. seeing them in person should help make a decision.

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just came back from the vac shop. unfortunately, the s5 ariel is discontinued. checked out the pices (comprable to the ariel) and the olympus.

as i suspected, the fit and finish is better on the s5 vs s2 olympus. the latches on the olympus are wimpier as is the floor/carpet attachment. but is lighter and swivels better than the s5.

i like the on-board storage on the s5 but it might be easier to switch and use the attachments on the s2 b/c they are out and readily available vs having to open the latch on the s5.

surprisingly, they said both have super clean filtration, and are sealed systems. s5 isn't better than the s2.

so right now, i'm leaning towards the s2 but would like to see the s5 in person too.

sebo is larger and heavier- out.

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I'm not sure if the information you received re: s2 is correct. I have always understood it to be a "lesser" quality than the s5 (thus the price difference).

This is what a Canadian on-line seller says:

"Miele S2 Series Econo Line Canister Vacuums
The Miele S2 Economy line offers many features found in the S4 & S5 series units at an economical price point meant to attract those looking for an entry level vacuum cleaner. Missing from the Miele S2 Contour and Miele S2 Momentum are the sealed body and bag compartments. This is vital to ensuring true sealed HEPA filtration which cannot be offered on the S2 models. The Miele S4 and Miele S5 canister models also offer more robust plastics to ensure durability and performance."

Here is a link that might be useful: McHardy Vac - Miele

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Consumer Reports has said both Electrolux and Dyson are not that great.

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We purchased the Meile Neptune canister about a year ago. We have mostly all hardwood with tile in bathrooms. We love the Meile and think it is the best vacuum we have ever owned--have had a Kirby, a Hoover Windtunnel & an Electrolux. We do not have pets, so don't know if this particular one is the one for you. The bag on this is NOT small. There is lots of info and reviews online if you just google Meile vacuum. Also try to find a dealer who carries lots of models of Meile. HTH

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Best canister vac is the Hoover PortaPower I believe! Its a commercial lightweight canister vac that will last forever! I absolutely love mine! : )
Here it is $99 with free shipping! A great deal!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover PortaPower

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Consumer Reports has said both Electrolux and Dyson are not that great.

At the time I bought my Electrolux canister it was highly rated by Consumer Reports. I haven't read up on vacuums lately but they always gave good reviews to Kenmore (which are made by Panasonic). I had a Kenmore and thought it did a very good job.

I've also used a Dyson DC17 and think it does a great job on carpets. Better than the more modestly priced Kenmore? Maybe just a little. Far less than impressed on hard surfaces but uprights tend not to do well on hard surfaces.

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Have you considered a Mint? I LOVE mine!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mint Floor Cleaner

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well, i ended up purchasing the s2 olympus. had it for 2 weeks now and love it. it is lightweight and has great suction. vacuumed drapes, walls, cob webs, couch, bed and oh yeah, the floors too.

the cord IS kind of short! i assumed it would be ok b/c i live in a small home but found the cord length only lets me vacuum half of my home at a time. totally doable.

i do love the attachments being out in the open, very easy to change out.

never did see the ariel s5 in person.

looking into buying boar bristle brush attachment ( s2 comes with nylon bristle brush) and the parquet floor attachment.

is the parquet floor brush MUCH better vacuuming the floors than the combo?

and vacuum bags- miele or made for miele (knockoff)?


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What is special about a parquet floor attachment? Meaning why would parquet be any different than any other wood floor in terms of vacuuming?

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