Halloween Decs & BIG Pfaltzgraff Sale Updates

lynninnewmexicoAugust 27, 2010

There are 3 things I thought you all might want to know about.

1) I just got an email yesterday from the online Pfaltzgraff site and they're having a HUGE sale online, but it's just for the next couple of days. It's their annual "$1/$5/$10/$20 Sale" . Check it out, as it looked to me like pretty much everything was on sale for the next few days only.

2) I was out shopping around for Halloween ideas and, thanks to Kathleen's recent post, stopped in our local Savers store. I was floored by the huge amount of Halloween decorations and costumes (all new) that they'd just gotten in and put out. I'm not exaggerating when I say HUGE, either! And the prices were very reasonable, too.

3) Although I didn't buy anything at Savers, I did find this Martha Stewart Halloween dec at Joann's Fabrics, which was right next door to Savers. They had quite a few of Martha's line of decs. I'd usually wait for a store coupon, but they were down to only 3 packs of these, so I bought one now. It was $6.99. They also had the pack of two cardboard, black, sparkly "chandeliers" that you pull open and hang, for $19.99. I really like them, but the two places I could use them, I already have real chandeliers that I'm not about to try and take down ;^D

Anyway, gotta run and take the dogs for a walk, but wanted to get this info out to you first. More later!


I'll use a few of these crows on a couple of pumpkins, as it shows on the package, but don;t know where I'll use the rest yet.

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Thanks for the info Lynn...
I've been getting emails from Pfalzgraff but hadn't opened
them as of yet...but after reading your post...I'm checking them out ASAP.
I was at CTS the other day and picked up a few cute Halloween items.
I like your MS silhouette crows. You can really get creative with those, and use them with so many things.
A few years ago, I saw Cheri's (from the Craft Site) life size Witch Silhouette and fell in love with it. I just contacted her about it. She was so nice to offer to send me a tracing of it so DH can make one like it.
I'm trying hard to hang on to Summer, but it's
funny how the stores have us thinking 'Halloween' already.
Before we know it, it will be Christmas!!


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Lynn, thanks for all the info. Will have to go check out the new Fall things soon. I really like the MS silhouettes you bought. That crow with the pumpkin is great. I like to buy these after the holiday.LOL

I don' dare go to the Pfaltzgraff site or I know I would buy some of the dish sets and I have to many dishes now.LOL The Pfaltzgraff dishes are so nice and hard to resist so hope some of you will end up with some new ones. I love the new square ones.


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You little enabler you--making your doggie wait while you shared the sales info with us! LOL

I like those crows too. You could even tape them on the wall above something like a mirror or lamp and from a distance it will look like it's sitting on it. Have you seen the ghost faces cut out of the frosted contact paper and you stick them on a mirror? I'm going to try that in our master bath to surprise DH. ;o)

Jane, I remember that MS cutout that Cheri made. It was so big and looked great. Anyone know where to find small designs/patterns like those that can be used to paint/stencil onto pumpkins, wood, or whatever?

Like Punk, I don't dare go look at that Pfaltzgraff sale!


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1) ENABLER **** (for Jeanne!)



LOL! Thx!

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LOL, I got the email too. I never order on line from them as the shipping is killer, but I put an order together with my friend, so we got free shipping.
Just a reminder to use Mrrebates .com. I know I told everyone about it last year. So in this case, I get 7% back. Free to join, and why not?
Love the crows, Lynn!

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