Halloween and Christmas Decor, excited for this years holidays!

SeasonalDecorating__August 2, 2011

I love decorating for the Holidays : )

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And I love your decorating. I am nuts over holiday decor photos, any time of the year and any holiday. You big Christmas tree is gorgeous! But the others are wonderful too. I'm glad you joined us.

Keep those pictures coming! Do you know about our Inspiration albums? There's over a 1000 photos of all the Holidays in there. Most pictures from the gang here the last few years, but also any other pictures I snag from the web to "inspire" us. Our Christmas album is so big that I did sub-albums to make it easier to find things.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Holidays albums

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Thanks, Karen, for the link! There are so many great trees! I love looking for fun and new ideas. I help my family decorate their trees and I like to do something different every year, so it is fun to see all of these great pics. Last year I decorated 7 full sized Christmas trees. Can't wait for this year!

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Oh, I am lovin' those two big pine-looking trees on the little side table ...with the snow & the lit-up house...love the clear lights & silver (?) balls on the trees...so pretty! Are those ski poles leaning beside the table? Love that table!

Lots of pretty decorated trees! & your Halloween setting looks great, too! Summer is still here in Iowa ... 90's today & high humidity...so your pics made me think of the Winter mos. that will be here soon enough! LOL!

Welcome & TFS, SD! Jeanne S.

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You have certainly found the right place. We all love Christmas, as well as Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years, Valentines , Memorial Day, The 4th of July.... and on and on + any other occasion we can dream up. Your trees are lovely, I esp liked the "Pepermint Candy Striped Tree. Your Halloween vignette is really neet, too/ We are glad you decided to join us Janet

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The small trees on the side table are decorated with silver, clear, and pale green ornaments. Yes, those are ski poles : ) My grandma found them for me last fall.

It is fun to hear from people that are just as excited about the holidays as I am!

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This Forum really gets going in the Fall, right now just a few of us "die hards" keep posting and making our own fun when no holidays. LOL. A lot of the gals here do beautiful table setting decor, and post photos to keep us from going into withdrawal. And when we find some holiday stuff shopping (Goodwill, thrift stores, yard sales, or ANY store) then MORE photos to share. I was never into dishes but the Enablers here had me out buying a few things and trying my hand at small table settings. I'll try anything for my "invisible friends", LOL. In fact they are the ones who got me decorating for all the holidays. I'd only done Christmas and a little Thanksgiving stuff before. Since you do the trees for your family, and so many in your own home, you belong with us. ;o) Wait till you see what our gal, Christmascandy,
does. She lives up to her name! Many of us love over the top decorating. Seeing pictures and sharing ideas is what brought us together, but we're more like a family. So many caring, generous, sweet people on this Forum.

If you feel like it, tell us a bit about yourself. Its nice meeting new decorating friends and getting to know them.

hugs, Karen

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Wow SD, this was fun to see tonight. Beautiful trees and decorations for Christmas. Sure hope you will continue to post picture and share stories with all of us.

Your Halloween decors are so neat too. Looks like you really get into decorating for the different seasons. U will fit right in here with all of us.


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So glad to have a new holiday decorator, and what a wonderful way to introduce yourself with all those pretty pictures!

I love the way your ribbons look on the trees, all of them are really neat. I really love the Halloween decor too, it is great.

Please do come back and tell us more about yourself and keep sharing your pics.


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Welcome SD,
You sure came to the right place!!!
We love decorating for the holidays.
Some of us have been known to make some up, or at least find some obscure ones. It was wonderful looking at your beautiful trees. The candy cane one caught my eye, but they are all beautiful.
Your Halloween decor is spooktacular too.
Thanks for Sharing.

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Here is a little bit about myself:

My grandma would always decorate for the Holidays and she would always let me help her. Now today I love decorating for the Holidays and She and I still decorate for all the Seasons together.

I love to paint and draw, though when school starts up again I usually am to busy because I have homework to do and lots of Holidays to decorate for. I am going to school for Interior Design.

I also love gardening and landscaping. My brother and I have a garden at our grandma's house where we put in tons of flowers and this year pumpkins. I am hoping those turn out so we have more to decorate with in the fall.

One reason I get so excited for Halloween is my annual Halloween party. I usually do extra decorating and make a creepy table setting and put up spider web everywhere. This year will be my 4th Halloween Party. And of course, everyone dresses up in costume.

I am also excited for Christmas this year because I just moved, and I now have a new place to decorate. It will be challenging, but fun i think. I have already decided where I want to put the tree, or trees : )

It is fun to hear from you all!

I hope everyone is having a great day!


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Wow SD, you "done good". Every one of you pics are beautiful.. I want a WHITE tree. POUT POUT...Some people pay big money to get their trees decorated. You may get a job.

About now, in the heat warning, those icicles look very comforting. They are so pretty and sparkle.

Nothing better than a fire and a Christmas tree with bright lights. OH, my, you make me want to go get started pulling out Christmas. LOL

Welcome to the board, I'm not a long time member, but I can tell you, you came to the right place. These folks know how to decorate and to enable others!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Take Care,


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