Stick Vaccum for wood floors?

Capegirl05October 10, 2011

Could someone recommend a good stick vac that could be used on wood floors. I am needing something for daily floor cleaning...I have a lot of tile and wood flooring on the main floor of our new home, and I need something functional that will give good results...I saw an Electolux cordless stick vac at Lowes that looked good...I also don't mind a corded model. I just don't think I would like dragging around a canister....

Any suggestions?


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You may want to take a look at Consumer Reports, they do regular reviews of vacuums. You can usually find past issues or have access to their website at your local library.

A canister vacuum will give you more functionality and better performance.

In small, inexpensive ShopVac type vacuum does a heck of job on hard floors too. They just don't look so pretty...

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Mike, We are cleaning our newly-built home prior to move in, and I just purcahsed a small Shop Vac with a handle. LOVE it! How did I live without it? I purchased a few extra attachments so that I can use it for different things. So, why do you like the canister style vaccum in terms of functionality. Isn't it a PAIN to drag that thing around...messing with the cord and all? Just curious...what are the PROs? TIA!

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I checked CR - didn't find much info on stick vacuums. So - I looked at reviews of sticks at a lot of different stores, found a Eureka stick for $39.99 (Sears and a Seattle area hardware chain). It is lightweight, cordless, seems terrific for hard type floors. It also converts into a small handheld vac - take off the long handle. I haven't used it long enough to know for sure, but people seem to really like it - might be worth checking into.

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Thank you Gladys! I haven't had time to check CR, so thanks for doing that! I found one at Lowes called the Electrolux Unirapido that gets great reviews for wood floor care and it is in-stock! Yea! I am going to do a little more searching. I will let you all know what I find! We are moving in in the next few weeks so I need to purchase something fast!
Thanks again!

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Can anyone recommend a vacuum that is ok for an oriental rug? The rug is handmade, not thick, and is not heirloom quality.
I have a cat so I would like to vacuum daily. I have read that it is best to switch off the beater bar. Will I get enough suction then? I have vacuumed it using the bare floor setting and it does the job, but I do not want to ruin it, so what is the best vacuum to use? Also, have read that it is best to vacuum the back side of the rug. My rug is large and has two couches sitting on it. Is it really necessary to turn the rug over? It would be a big job. The rug already has some nubs sticking up so I do want to be as gentle as possible. Would love to hear people's suggestions for the brand and type of vacuum to use.
Thanks for your help,

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If you are going to get a "stick vac" and do alot of floor cleaning, I would suggest a corded model. It will give you alot more power(depending on which model).

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Is a powerful vac really necessary on hardwood/laminate floors? I do notice the lack of power when I use my cordless stick on carpeting, but I have a *good* corded vac for carpeting. The stick is quick and convenient for fast cleanup of our new laminate floors; power doesn't seem necessary for laminate.

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Like I said in my previous post, if you are going to "do alot of floor cleaning", then a corded vac would work better. A cordless vac would work for a kitchen. When you are done, just recharge for next time. Now, if you want to clean all the floors in a house, you want continuous power. The Hoover Linx has a battery cartridge. You could have two. While you are using one, the other is charging. When the one is depleted, just put the charged one in the vacuum and continue vacuuming.

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Yes, that's true. I don't know how long the battery pack on my Eureka stick lasts - so far I've done *a lot* of cleaning with it and haven't noticed any loss of battery power. But I'm aware that at some point I'll need to recharge, so I am thinking of getting a spare battery. Since it uses nicad batteries - which have the memory effect - I know that I'll need to fully drain/fully recharge it each time in order to keep the battery working at full capacity. So a spare battery will probably be important.

I have enjoyed the freedom of not having a heavy, corded vac - I'm more inclined to use this unit because it's so lightweight and portable.

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I have the Hoover Linx stick vac and love it! I bought a 2nd battery which I would recommend. I also bought the Haan Slim & Light Steam Mop which I also love & does an amazing job on all tile & hardwood floors - I got them both on Amazon. I had the Shark steam mop & returned it to B&B - it was junk - poorly made & left streaks on my hardwood floors. The Haan blows it away. I also got the Haan hand held steamer - also amazing. I can actually say cleaning is fun with these products!

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