anyone used Lowe's for remodeling a bathroom?

LouiseKuMay 28, 2014

Our contractor has pushed off our start date yet again, and I'm losing patience with him. I had a nice chat with a designer from Lowe's and it seems promising. Has anyone ever used them?

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I'm afraid that might be a nightmare. Bathrooms can actually be more complex than a kitchen remodel. Lowes are not general contractors! I would only buy things in stock from them....I would not trust them to run a large ongoing project! Once the designer at Lowes sells the job....he's done and you then have to work with someone else.

A small business, kitchen and bath dealer would be your next best bet after a General Contractor. OR be your own GC.

You would need to hire:
-carpenter (cabinets, ventilation, installing cabinets/tops)
-plumber (buy your products from him....he will know what he needs)
-tile setter, if doing tile
-You'd probably need permits for electrical and plumbing.

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They don't actually remodel anything. They sub it all out, individually, much more expensively than an actual private GC would do. No one is on board for scheduling all of those subs either.You're left holding the bag for that. It IS a nightmare. Especially if you find the all too common water damage. None of the people I deal with on a daily basis know jack about actually doing the proper waterproofing for a shower either. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to educate a customer in the aisles in order for them to ask the right questions. Questions that none of the subs that work for Lowes can answer.

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A relative tried to use Lowe's and it was a disaster. As said above, they sub everything out and provide no over sight. Better to find a good GC or act as your own, if you have the time and patience.

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My husband is a floor contractor (carpet and wood mostly). He works for independent flooring and design stores. Recently someone at Lowes contacted him about doing work for them and faxed us all the information, including what they pay the installers. My husband read the 11 page fax for about 5 minutes, thru it in the trash compactor and said "no wonder they can't hire decent contractors. You have to do more work for about 1/2 the pay". I'm spoiled because DH does 90% of our remodel work but if I could possibly help it, I wouldn't hire Lowes or Home Depot for anything!

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