Mad Plaid Table

kathleen_liAugust 24, 2011

I made this cloth for a dollar from a fabric remnant, and the colors gave me lots of choices!

The ruffled bowls Karen sent me years ago make another appearance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plaid table

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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful Table! Love the tablecloth...for $1...amazing!

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Thanks, Marlene. The outlet I go to usually has a few bolts of remnants for a dollar a yard. But they usually give me whatever is on it for a dollar!

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I posted a comment on your blog Kathleen...but
don't mind doing so again. I just loved EVERYTHING about this table. That tablecloth does have so many choices to go with, and ALL of your dishes and accessories are just lovely.
When I lived in NY, I had a fabric mill about two miles from my home. They did the remnant sales too, and like you, got lots of great fabric for so little.
Now, I find it hard when your spoiled like that, to spend so much on a table cloth.


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Love your table Kathleen, it is so bright and cheerful. I can hear the Calypso music playing!
I'm with you...I'm NO where near ready to give up Summer.
Your favorite youngest DGS is adorable.

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Double thanks, Jane! I am sure you miss that outlet. For a dollar I can find a scape to go with the cloth instead of the other way around.

I just finished a table with another dollar piece. I didn't sew the edges yet though, I wanted it done before the hurricane sets in! :(
Thanks, Nana! And say no to Fall! Why do people want to rush through the good seasons? Winter, I could rush through!

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WOW, did I just step into the Caribbean for lunch? Sure feels like a tropical vacation! I don't know why the plaid got mad, LOL, it looks like a great place to be.
(those ruffled bowls I found definitely had your name all over them, knew they were meant for you.)

I hope the hurricane doesn't cause you any problems, sounds like its going to be a big one. A long-time dear friend lives in NC, so am crossing fingers for her too. I worry more about the tornadoes that spin off, she's central NC.
Will be keeping you and her, and everyone else in my thoughts and prayers.

Mother Nature just went nuts this week what with earthquakes in DC AND Colorado, the hurricane coming,
the dangerous heatwave here (116). I read N. Calif got a little shaking this morning too up near San Francisco.
This is NOT good.

hugs, Karen
OOOPs, sorry

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A fun 'Summer' t'scape, kathleen!
That fabric is certainly bright & cheerful & does make ya feel like dancing the 'cha'cha' or something! LOL!

Your place-settings are SO colorful & love the food screens, too! Your friend that sent the napkin rings look great w/the whole place-setting!

Those S&P shakers look right at home on your table, 'em. All the colors (in everything!) you used ... yup, 'Calypso dancing' would be very appropriate! (like nana said) Who was that crazy blonde woman that drove me nuts w/her Cha-Cha squeaky voice? Well, anyway, you brought her to mind!

Great table! Yummy ck salad! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thought I posted to this earlier but must of forgot to hit submit. Such a pretty bright colored table. Love how you used so many different colors and it all goes together so well. If I could buy fabric for a $1 my closet would be full.LOL

Sweet that you are still using the ruffled bowls from Karen. Always enjoy your tables and food. That little guy is darling and I see why he's a favorite.


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Hi Kathleen, just have to jump in here and say that I really love all your cheerful, fun colors. That plaid is sooo pretty and the ruffled chargers and cute flip flops really caught my eye too. Your winter was sooo long, don't blame you a bit for hanging onto summer just as long as you can! Luvs

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Thanks, Luvs, and hold on I will!

Jeanne I bet yo were dancing around when those bees stung. I cringe just to think of it!

Thank you , Punk and Karen too!
Mother Nature has a mind of her own, just hope to stay out of her way!

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Kathleen, love what a dollar can buy! That is one summery tc, You have used so many different things on it and they all work with it so good. You food always makes me hungery, and it is too close to my bedtime to raid the refrigerator now.If I dream of food it will be all your fault! Hope Irene didn't leave you with any damage, it sure looked scary up there, Let us know how you are, if you have electricity and can use your computer. Prayers, Janet

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