smell left from an ozonator

jeanuineOctober 24, 2007

I used a machine that produced ozone to try to remove mold. Now I have the odor it left, and it seems to be as toxic as the mold. Does anyone know how to get rid of it, I've had the windows wide open, fans on, ran the heater. It has ruined the room I had it in and contaminated the whole house. Any thoughts will be appreciated. trouble breathing j.

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It was my understanding that the ozone smell would go away in a few hours with the windows open. How long did you run the machine? How long ago was it that you used the machine? How powerful of a machine was it? Supposively its all chemistry how long the ozone scent lasts.

I have read about these machines with great interest. I always thought they would be good for basements and even car interiors. Did you rent the machine? If so, from where?

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Ozone is a known carcinogenic (cancer causing) gas. You should be very careful and make sure you have aired out your house completely. Why they still allow those machines to be sold is amazing.

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Those machines can be great when properly used. They are commonly used in houses that had a fire to get rid of the smoke smell or in cases of mold. Even the sports uniform idea is a good idea especially with this staph infection thing going around. They should be used in closed off rooms/houses with no people inside. Once aired out, the ozone is all gone.

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Regular ac/furnas filters remove a percentage of ozone, and they all are available carbon impregnated. Which would do a pretty good job of removing odors for a while.

Or you could maybe use some paperclips to hang a hepa charcoal filter infront of your ac return. Probably get rid of some odor,,, but if you still have a damp enviornment.. you're still going to have some odors in it until it dries out well.

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I used a Fresh Air machine from Ecoquest a friend loaned me. It was on in the Away mode for two hours, about 34 hours ago in an 11X15 bedroom with two closets open, bedroom door closed and towel to keep leakage out at floor level. The room is carpeted. I've had the window wide open (32 degrees last night) since the machine was off,fans in the closets as smell congregated there, washed almost all clothing that was in the closets. Using odor eater light bulbs and ceiling fan constantlly since then. The odor is still very noticeable and gives me a headache. I can wash the clothes but the mattress and chairs and carpet, I guess wash the walls, throw away bed andchair cusions, it did seem to help the mold. jeanuine

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Have you talked to your friend that you borrowed the machine from? The odor is not suppose to be able to last that long. I have never heard of those light bulbs. I did a quick internet check on them. Can the smell be from the light bulbs? Have you used the light bulbs before? Did you try shutting off the light bulbs? Do those light bulbs actually work at eliminating odors?

Are you sure the odor is from the ozone? Perhaps the ozone machine didn't get rid of all of the mold and somehow changed the state of it that is causing the smell. I thought with mold that you really need a powerful ozone machine and it needed to be run more than 2 hours. Was the mold visible before and is it gone now? Maybe there is still mold in the closet.

You can clean the mattress, chairs and carpet with a carpet cleaning machine. They have attachments for the mattress and chairs. Even walmart sells a small one by bissell for around $99 that is quite useful especially for cleaning furniture, mattresses and car interiors.

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premier, I've used the bulbs for over a year, they do help, especially in the basement. I ordered them from, Fresh 2. There was another brand much more $. They don't produce odor, but i've heard chemically sensitive people may be bothered by all cfls. Mold was not visible, it takes too long to find out kind of mold, but 99 per cent sure it was mold. I'm using a small UV C light in the areas now, not sure if it helps in the bedroom. I do recognize the odor of ozone easily. I don't know if it is stronger when there was more material killed off or knocked out. I'll use your suggestion about carpet cleaning machine, daughter is still sleeping in living room for now. Most clothes, bedding laudered, drapes thrown out.It is much less, 3+ days later. Thanks for your suggestions, j

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Ozone air cleaners do work. And the smell dissipates quickly. But its good to be cautious about breathing when used on high until its dissipated.

DD had a basement flood and an ongoing roof leak that they couldn't find for quite some time. Mold grew and spores spread. Horrible situation. She paid a "mold specialist" to assess the situation which, of course, was grim. His way was to dispose of large screen tv and leather sofabed sectional in basement--there were visible mold spots on/in tv and even on the inside/wooden frame of sectional. Then his company would come in their "spacesuits" and decontaminate. We're talking megabucks.

Luckily she knew an associate who sold ozone air cleaners. They brought in their heavy duty models and she turned them on high when she left for work and low when she got home. Think she did it for about a week, but this was an extremely bad problem. Also washed what we could with soap and bleach solution.

I can't understand why the odor is lingering so long either. Sandy

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We have a terrible ozone odor problem. In 2010 we had a downstairs plumbing problem that resulted in all flooring being replaced as well as walls up a couple of feet from the floor. One room had a slight mildew smell a couple of months later so we kept treating the vinyl floor by thorough cleaning. It didn't help so in 2011, a year after the flooding, we called the cleanup/disaster company and they suggested they bring out a powerful ozone machine (after they tested the walls, etc, for moisture) and leave it a few days. We did this, and ever since have been trying to get rid of the awful odor. Now reading the posts, I am concerned about my son's health who has been sleeping in that toxic place. All his clothes always smell like ozone, and we wash them frequently so he can have something to wear, the bed and all the furniture smells like ozone. Are we to get rid of the armoir and the dresser and bookshelf and bedframe and mattress? What about the walls? Any ideas?

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Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen, instead of O2 it is O3. It is a very unstable form of oxygen that will revert back to ordinary oxygen within 30 minutes to an hour. The smell you are smelling is likely from something else, you did mention the use of a uv light, intense uv light is one way to make ozone, as well as electrical discharge. The smell is most likely from oxidised organic compounds or even plastics, yes ozone will attack some types of plastics and cause a chemical like odor. Hope this helps.

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