Did you all have a good weekend??

jaybirdAugust 16, 2010

(Dang, how am I gonna' make this into a decorating post....Oh...I know, DGS was here and we did a bit of school shopping and THAT made it a holiday :^) Then we cooked sausages and good stuff, and set them on the kitchen table using my antique ironstone! Had a red and yellow checked tablecloth too :^)

We spent the rest of the weekend looking for a cool spot! It was 111 degrees in my backyard yesterday afternoon. I went out about 5:00 PM and started the oscillating sprinkler in the shade of the big trees. I put it on low so it would be gentle, and about 50 little birds showed up for a shower. I made sure they were well protected under the trees, since we have a hawk who has taken up residency in the big water pan at the fence. The poor thing is so hot he just sits in the pan of water for an hour at a time. I feel so sorry for him that I don't even chase him away. I bought a big package of foil casserole pans (and put bricks in them for weight and to have a landing pad) and have water out under all of the bushes so that the little birds and squirrels can sneak in for a drink and a bath without having to worry about the hawk :^) DH thinks I'm crazy, but I noticed him patroling the windows to watch all of the water arobics!!

Hope everything is good where you are...I'm still watchin' for the bus to pull up in the driveway :^)

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Hey jaybird! 111 is HOT! and something that I've never knowingly experienced! I enjoyed your weekend story, and am really glad to know that you're protecting and helping your local wildlife. They appreciate it! :)

My iMac ended up fried to the point where it was too expensive to repair, so I'm currently hobbling without any of my bookmarks, files, photos, etc. :( I don't know why, but every time I try to post, GW logs me out! this is taking forever...

My weekend involved attending a surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday, and playing in an all-day golf tournament (to benefit the local humane society) on Sunday.

Re "decorating"? I'm working on my very first penny rug! I saw penny rugs on-line and just had to have some... they will be placed in the center of the dining room table. :)

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Ouch, that is hot! We actually have had lower temps for a week or so. Thankful for that!

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J, 111 is way to hot. Maybe you and the gang can come my way and enjoy some cooler weather. It's been getting down to the 50's at night and low 80's during the day. I could take you all to the fair with us. They even hold church right there on Sunday morning.

Loved your story about the little birds, squirrels and even the hawk. It was so sweet of you and your concern for them in the heat.

Sounds like you enjoyed school shopping with DGS. Times like that are so special. My DGD doesn't like to shop but I'm sure that will change in a few years.

PM, it's not nice when one has computer issues, so I feel for you. We have had alot of lightning storms here and several people have lost computers, appliance and phones.

Surprise party sounds like fun and the human society always needs help. I'd never heard of a penny rug but went online to see what they are and will look forward to seeing yours. Seen alot of neat ones on line.


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Jaybird, what a great idea to put out extra water for the birds to help them survive the heat. I have a birdbath that I try to keep fresh water in but many of the birds prefer the dogs big pan of water that sits on the shaded patio! Brave little guys aren't they? LOL Dogs have water inside too, but like to have plenty around for them. Glad you had fun with DGS, those times are special. Very clever how you integrated some "decor" into your post. ;o) Our weather has been really nice, did get up to 94 today, but cooled down nicely when the sun went down. Glad we live in the age of air conditioning, don't know how those pioneers survived the heat!


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Whew Jay...
I don't do 111...I can turn into 'Real Ugly' with those temps for sure.
I too enjoyed your 'wildlife' story. We think along the same lines..I try to look out for little creatures too. Love your 'alum pans'...great idea.

It's become a tradition with my oldest DGS to go school shopping with me. He likes the one on one attention and of course I love giving it too.

Keeping up with 'Holiday' talk...
We went to a 30th Anniversary Party on Sunday. They had about 100 people.
At the buffet table, we all used plain white w/gold trim plates...then I see DH who was at the end of the buffet line, come back with a Fairwinds Dinnerplate. I said 'how did you rate that plate'? He said that's what was there...I look over, and see a stack of em..Seems they ran out of the white ones, and were using these. I asked my friend about them. She told me she bought 20 of them at a TS for $10! My mouth is still hanging open....


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JB, your story of trying to help the hawk and other little birds 'n critters deal with such heat is wonderful. Our temps are right there with yours (of course that's normal for Phoenix). I make sure there is fresh water in my birdbath as well as several other dishes around the yard.
Just have mostly doves, sparrows, and some grackles tho.

You don't want to know about my weekend, but today was VERY special thanks to YOU!! See my comment on what you did in the thread about running away.

You've no idea how badly I needed a "pick me up", and you certainly did that.
Hugs from the heart,

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Awwww, you're such a softie, Jaybird! I'll bet that all the birds and animals appreciated the extra water. What fun to have a grandchild nearby. Lucky him/lucky you!

This past weekend was the last before DD started back to school (yesterday). We'd wanted to take her someplace fun for the weekend (Durango or Taos), but she wanted to stay home and get together with her girlfriends instead; typical teenager! So, instead I put up another couple hummingbird feeders. I now have 6 up and they're all FINALLY learning to share. I have 3-4 at each feeder lately. I worked in the gardens a bit, helped DH put up a new piece of garden art he bought while we were on vacation last month. I also played a bit with my new black dinner plates, trying to come up with various ways to use them. I think I'm going to have to look for a few more additions before I create anything worth showing, though.

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