Rust from Washing Machine

oceangirlmeOctober 17, 2008

My mother ran a load of wash at their second home and a white bedspread now has slotchy rust stains. This has never happened before. The bedspread is still damp. What is the best way to get rid of the rust stains? Thanks.

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With a rust remover like whink.
Linda C

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OH- TOO BAD! Unfortunately it looks like she needs a new washing machine.
My sister had a washer that kept doing that. She ruined a whole bunch of stuff and finally got a new washer.

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Whink works wonderfully!!

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I had an old dryer I had to be careful with rust problems (I have replaced it)If clothes didn't get fully dry and I forgot them for a day there would be rust stains. My mom told me to use table salt and lemon juice and put it sun. It did work with most spots. I didn't always put in sun. It sometimes would take a number of treatments...Its probably best not to dry in dryer, the clothes that were stained in a washer, that would set the stains more

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The same thing happened to me but my washer is relatively new so I knew it was something besides an old drum. I got out my flashlight and found an old bolt or screw had become wedged in the channels and was getting rust over my clothes. Make sure you check for something like this. I never did get the rust out of most of the 3 loads of rust stained laundry.

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