wall mounted soap dispenser - do you like yours?

elphaba_gwMay 25, 2013

We use liquid soap both at the bathroom faucet and also in the shower. Wondering if the wall mounted style is a good idea. Does it get grungy? Is it difficult to keep filled? Is the brand of liquid soap important? Does it make any difference if it is in the bathroom that is "more public" than your private master bath? (i.e. hard for strangers to figure out it is soap?)

I love the wall mounted toilet brush I got for our other bathroom. One of the best ideas ever so I'm wondering if I should graduate to wall mounted soap too. We are having the master bath remodeled soon.

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Hi elphaba,

To answer your questions in irder:

1) Most are pretty easy to clean
2) Depending on what one you go for but on the whole they are virtually hassel free when re-filling
3) Brand is totally your decision, just stick with what you're already using!
4) I think soap dispensers are fairly universal & would be worried if somebody didn't know what it was!

We have a great range of them on www.empressbathroomsdirect.co.uk so check them out. I've attached a link below to one of our Vado one's which is reasonably priced and looks quite stylish.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Vado Soap Dispenser

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Good to know - that it is not controversial. Thanks.

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Love mine. People figure it out. Only thing there.

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