Help with choosing a central vac.

marlinmanOctober 27, 2010

We want a central vac for our new house. I don't want to waste allot of peoples time with getting bids, I just want to make sure I am getting what we need at a fare price. This is what I got on the bid.

� 1 � AstroVac SR-64, twin motor 240 volt, 20 amp dedicated circuit

� 1 � DustMate MF510 Attachment set with 30� hose and goodies

� 1 � Car Care Kit � CK-20

� 9 � Standard Low-Volt Inlets - Color TBD

� 1 � Standard Low-Volt Inlet in Garage for Auto Care

� 4 � DustPan inlets located in Hall, Utility, Kitchen, and Master Bath

All Pipe, Fittings, Labor, Travel, and Freight

The following Warranties will apply:

Lifetime on Power Unit Body

3 Year Limited Motor Warranty and Electronics

2 Year Warranty on all accessories

1 year Warranty on Labor

� The complete installed price is $3,650, which includes the 20 amp dedicated circuit.

Thanks for your input

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I have a MD system with a 30-ft hose, a Stealth powerhead, 3 inlets & 1 dust pan. The cost five years ago was around $2,000, but that didn't include the dedicated circuit.

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My friend Betsy bought a home with central vacuum, she didn't like it at all. I don't know the brand name or model, just that she was displeased with it.

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I am on my second Vacuflo from HP products in Louisville, Ohio. The first one on the east coast was installed in 1989 and is still going strong. The 2nd, on the west coast, is a little over a year old and I would have no other. Good luck. I love not dragging a vacuum around.

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My husband installed a system from Galaxie. It saved us literally a couple thousand dollars in installation by just buying materials and installing ourselves. For less than 2k, we installed 7 inlets, 3 vacpans, and got a electric powerbrush, 30' hose and attachments. We have a ranch so it was much easier and 3 of then were in new construction walls (basement) but the other 4 were in existing walls.

It is not a difficult job just VERY time-consuming. The power unit failed a couple years after the install and we did have some hassle getting it replaced, but other than that, the system has worked well. The hose can be a pain, but you cannot beat the versatility of a central vac system.

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I had one in my first house and now this one.I had the electra-lux model for 19 years its still great,Wouldnt trade it for anything.I have a hose and attatchments for 1st floor and one for second floor.

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Like Allora I have a Vacuflo. One of those things that I am glad I bought, and would buy again in a heart beat. The only thing is now they have these short hidden hoses. Would love to have a few of those strategically placed in a few areas. When my Mom moved, we had one put in her home. The installer/dealer was fabulous at his job. My Vacuflow has been going strong for over a decade.

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