Will polished nickel be okay?

samanaMay 23, 2012

Unfortunately we didn't really have a style or design going into our build, so things are evolving. In our master bathroom, two vanities will flank our bathtub. On the other side of the room will be the shower and the lavatory. We needed to choose valves a few weeks ago and we went with Grohe, because my husband liked the thermostatic set up. We were planning on doing brushed nickel finishes.

Now the rest of the room has suddenly become brown. My husband wanted the tumbled stone look, ala Roman ruins. Then we found AJ Brown at the granite place and some amazing glass mosaics in deep brown color. We think this will look good together, but then we started to question the polished nickel. Unfortunately, we do not like the Grohe oil-rubbed brown finishes.

The floor will be large tiles. We're thinking the shower will be a combination of smaller tiles with the glass mosaics in the shower inserts. The bathtub is built into a deck that will have some combination of small travertine tiles/glass mosaics. Our vanity cabinets are currently a dark cherry. Do you think this will look okay? Any suggestions on how to improve how everything goes together? Paint colors? We can basically change anything, except the Grohe fixtures.


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I think it will look fine, I may prefer brushed nickel but I think polished would be fine.

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I think it will be more than okay... I think it will look beautiful!

I absolutely love your granite! It's stunning and I'd have it in my home in a heartbeat.

I do think that polished nickel will be beautiful but you can mix your finishes too if you'd like to do some brushed and some polished nickel. That's what we did in our master because, although we wanted polished nickel throughout, our sconces and the Moen I/O Digital shower control were available in satin only. I find that I like the blend of finishes just fine.

I recently posted my before and after pics and I've included a link so you can see how blending the finishes could look.

Here is a link that might be useful: My before and after pics

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I think it is beautiful and I love polished nickel. I am in the middle of a bath/master/closet addition. I did Rohl Country Bath, and I am not sure I loved it because of its look or the gorgeous nickel. Believe it or not I have thrown old world bronze into the mix with pulls and knobs on my cabinets. I think mixing two metals is fine.

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Due to the pitfalls of multitasking I got my nickels mixed up - we actually chose brushed. But it's nice to know either gets a thumbs up.

Treasuretheday - Wow, great bath! And it sure helps to see the nickel finishes in a brown bath.

Thanks everyone, it's nice to be reassured on at least one decision. :)

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