Early Christmas lights question

tjmbAugust 22, 2011

Looking at Oakleyok Christmas tree reminded me why I first started looking at this forum last December. I have an oak mantle that I decorate with snowmen from December thru February. Since my old Christmas lights went, I've tried the newer white light but even the soft white ones are too harsh.

Has anyone tried the amber or gold lights? I really want a soft white/yellow that the old lights gave off but I'm wondering if the gold or amber look too yellow.


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Tjmb, Glad your posting with us. I would love to see your mantel with snowmen. It must be delightful. Do you have any pictures to share to give us a better idea of what you like. Some of the lights on the green garlands don't seem to be as bright. I'll bet the strings with flocking and maybe some berries or pinecones would go nicely with your snowmen.

Hope you can find what your looking for. I've never seen the gold or amber lights.


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tjmb ...have you tried those tiny, tiny "Rice Lights" ...I really like them ...they've been around for a few yrs now ... I bought mine mostly at specialty shops in diff towns. Google it once & see what you think. Jeanne S.

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tjmb... The amber lights are very yellow. I don't think you'd like the look for a snowman display.Maybe you could use the white ones under some cotton batting.

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Just saw this old thread; tjmb, if you are still there:

I have a string of frosted pinecone lights that I love! I got them from Target about 5 years ago. I've seen them for sale there as recently as last year (haven't looked this year). I saw the same lights at Fleet Farm this weekend, but their pinecones were not frosted, they looked more like glass. Anyways, the pinecones do take the harshness out of the light. I use them in my bay window as mood lighting from Fall to Spring, which is when the snow melts here in Minnesota!

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You could try the light strands that have a circular shaped light bulb. They come in a pearl-like coating, so i assume the light is softer. I have seen these last year at Target, but i have not checked this year yet. But if you do not want glare stay clear of LED lights :)


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Very pretty bay window, neeise! & I bet those pinecone lights are beautiful here! TFS that idea & where you got them! Jeanne S.

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While I was in Home Depot today...DH and I were looking at their Village display..they were selling a lighted snow runner. The lights seemed to be under the batting and were soft looking.
Hope this helps.

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I just found these at Walter Drake, and posted a link
below for you to see what I was talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighted Snow Runner

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For years I have used the clear mini lights and lately the icicle lights with the white cording to light my Christmas village. I have the lights under batting and piles of snow to soften the brightness. I have not had any experience with the new LED lights (putting that off as long as possible) so I can't help you there but I would think that the batting would soften that bright light also .....


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