OT Has anyone heard from Jane or Kathleen?

luvstocraftAugust 31, 2011

I can't help but worry about Jane and Kathleen as I watch the news coverage of the devastation hurricane Irene caused. I don't know their locations well enough to know their areas from names mentioned on the reports. I'm praying that they aren't without electricity or worse! Hope they can check in soon. Luvs

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No, luvs, haven't heard anything & I am worried about them both, too. Hope they are safe & unable to let us know because of non-electricity. Oh, it is such a big natural disaster again, isn't it. Good thoughts & prayers continuing ...Jeanne S.

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I've been worried about those two , too. The news reports sure have sounded bad for both Long Island and all of Vermont. Good thoughts and prayers for both going up. Janet

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Right with you on the worry about these two. I am guessing both are dealing with no electricity at least. I hope and pray no damage. Kathleen may have evacuated since she's right on the beach. From what I've seen and read, Vermonters weren't expecting such terrible flooding and damage like they got.

Prayers for our two friends.
hugs, Karen

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Kathleen is ok, she's posted on the Thurs Tablesetting party the BNOP hosts. But apparently had no phone or electricity thanks to Irene.

hugs, Karen

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I've been thinking of them too.
It's hard to comprehend the devastation caused by Irene There are people in my area who are still with out power.
since this is a rural area people have wells so that means no water either.
A little off topic but has anyone heard from Frou?

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Thank you dear friends! No power or phones. We survived, thank God no floods here. Lots of down trees on wires.

Cell phones were spotty at best. Glad I kept my land line.
People were running their cars to charge the phones, and some of the gas stations were out of gas .
Not fun!
But the past few days have been gorgeous!

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Nana, I just emailed Frou. Usually during the summer, she's not here as she's outside so much and posts on Garden Junk. But it seems awhile since I saw her there, so I am emailing to see how she is.

I can't find Jane's email, know I have it somewhere. I also hope Candy is doing ok. The new granddaughter had a rocky start, so am hoping and praying she is doing good.

hugs, Karen (world class worrier!)

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Kathleen, so glad to hear you are okay. I was really concerned because you are so close to the beach. The downed trees may take awhile to get cleared, but glad your electricity is back up and running. Isn't that just like ol' Mother Nature? She throws a big "temper tantrum" and then acts all sunny and mild the next day????? LOL I'll have to go see your Thursday ts post--would I be right in guessing that it wasn't an outside one this time? ;o) Luvs

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Great news, kathleen...am happy to hear from you. Hope that recovery will continue at a decent pace for all the volunteers & workers involved. Glad you & yours are safe. Jeanne S.

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