cleaning glass top stove

angieraeOctober 8, 2009

don't laugh....but my husband sat blender on stove top recently, then later turned on a burner and realized he turned on the wrong one when he smelled burning! Bottom of blender (plastic) began to melt and now is stuck to stove top. I tried the cleaner that's made for smooth top stoves but it didn't work, any other suggestions?

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Your husband achieved a two-for He destroyed two appliances simultaneously. It is not going to come off.

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Wow. How about heating the plastic with a blow dryer or a heat gun until it's soft and scraping it with a plastic scraper? In a pinch, a credit card might do the trick but a scraper with an edge would do a better job.

Get what you can up and use a soft abrasive cleaner (bar keepers friend) for the residual.

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I've used a razor blade window scraper to get up boiled over and burned mess. Didn't hurt the cook top.

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