Are you doing a high ceiling in your family room..cathedral, etc.

farmhousegirlApril 13, 2012

We are trying to work within a 3200-3500 sq ft. range, but also want a certain 'look' from the outside. It looks like we are going to have to give up having a high ceiling in the family room.

Do you think the feel of the family room will be okay with 9' ceilings in about 20-16' size? I'm worried about this, as we've never had low ceilings in family room.


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I've seen some model homes near me that had 9' ceilings throughout, and it really looked fine, if you had said 8' I probably would have been more concerned.

My drafter has figured out a way to keep the low pitch room, 9' ceilings throughout the house and then higher ceilings in the main living area. Maybe there is a way to do this on your plan? Even 10' would make a difference!

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You should look on houzz at family rooms. Most rooms have a flat 9 or 10 ft ceiling and look good.

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We decided to go with 9' in our new build. Just finished framing and it looks great. Very happy with it. We do have a 2 story foyer and a couple tray clgs for a little variety. Figured less cob webs to clean when Im an old lady!

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Does anyone have photos? Thank for the thoughts! I'm still worried about it, but it gets so costly adding on an 'addition' to accomodate something with a cathedral.

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Our current living room dimensions are almost exactly the same. I think it looks good, but much of the "visual height" comes from wide openings to foyer and kitchen with transoms above each to 8'. I also have my window treatments started closer to the ceiling to elongate the window. If I can get the toys picked up enough to take a pic I will post one. If you can get 10' I would - that extra foot does alot for the room.

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Ours is 16 x 20 with 9' ceilings, and looks just fine! It has windows on 2 sides, a 2-way fireplace on the 3rd wall shared with the kitchen eating area, and a 4' framed doorway from the front entry on the 4th wall, which also has 54" wide set of pockets doors to the DR on the same wall. You'll be very happy without a high ceiling when your heating bill comes in the cold/cooler months!


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Our 2 previous houses had vaulted family rooms. The first was more of a 2-story room, which was too high. The second had 9ft walls and peaked/vaulted at around 14ft, which was perfect. Our curret house has flat 9ft ceilings and it would have been better just a bit higher. We do have a vaulted dining room and kitchen, so there is some variation in the rooms.

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We had vaulted 2 story in our previous house in two rooms and never really liked it. It was out of place in a traditional house. This house has 9'foot throughout also 2nd floor. The great room was supposed to have 12 foot its 20x25 we dropped to 10 foot and gained a great Snore Room above off the master and love the 10 foot its just enough and really keeps the farm house flavor better. We have 8 foot patio doors.

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We did 10 feet throughout the whole downstairs and nine up. I didn't want a vaulted ceiling or a two-story ceiling. I like the 10 foot height just fine. It gives us the comfortable feel we want and still keeps the room nice and open.

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I've had 9', 10', and 12'. They're all fine. They each have a different feel, with 9' being somewhat cozier and more intimate. A lot of windows or an open floor plan helps to give a more open feeling with the 9' ceilings.

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What does everyone think about a coffered ceiling in a family room with 9ft. ceilings? The room is about 15 x 21 with a four panel french door and 2 windows around a fireplace. The room is open to the kitchen/breakfast area. I love coffered ceilings but just worry that 9ft. ceilings are too low. Unfortunately, 10ft. ceilings aren't in the budget. If anyone has pics of 9ft. coffered ceilings, I would be forever grateful!

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Ppbenn-will you elaborate about your "snore room" off the master?

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Here is a description of a "snore room"

Here is a link that might be useful: Snore room

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My home right now that we live in has 9' ceilings on main floor and it is not too low. My new home however will have a 24' ceiling. I too, love high ceilings.

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