Are the bends in this plumbing ok?

ashardingMay 25, 2013

1) Are all of these bends ok?
2) Anyone know about the three Brizo temp valves on the middle right? Can they be pressure checked without the trim plate? The Hot/Cold valve on the left and the shower attachment on the top right can. Just not sure about the three on/off valves.
3) Where should the nailing plates be located?
4) All of the valves are screwed down. Do I need to secure the pipes? Every six inches, every foot, etc?

Thanks for any answers before we close up the wall!

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Here's a close up of the bends and the three on/off valves.

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"As is" it'll work, but you do have a few more 90s than needed.

Without changing any of the valve elevations, or changing which valve feeds which head, between the studs within that single stud bay you have twelve 90s and two Ts.

Unless I've completely buggered this up, if you rotate the three valves you can cut out five of the 90s. That's eliminating flow restriction due to the extra 90s and eliminating ten crimps that could potentially leak.

If you keep things "as is", double check your rings to make sure they are properly positioned. Two of them are a bit further away from the 90s than the others.

For clarification, I edited to change "...eliminating ten unions..." to "...eliminating ten crimps that could potentially leak." You'd be eliminating five unions, and thus ten crimps.

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Hm, I wonder if the valves can be mounted horizontally? I'll go find the manual. Great job!

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Looking at the manual, the valves are to be mounted vertically. Probably to make the trim plate valve mount correctly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click On Maintenance & Installation Sheet download

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I read the sheet and the only restrictions I saw were for mounting depth versus wall thickness and for directional water flow through the valve itself. I believe the valve can be mounted in any orientation as long as the directional inlet and outlet ports are honored.

The trim kit handle is also a spline-style handle, so it can easily be adjusted. So, for example, even if you mounted some valves vertical and others horizontal (or even anywhere in between), you can install the handles so they all point in the same direction when the valves are OFF.

You can always call their tech support and ask them:


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Wow, thanks for all of the very good information!

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