Cleaning stainless range

booger3914May 20, 2012

Any recommendations of how to remove stains from a Kitchenaid stainless range top? Stainless steel wipes clean it okay but do not touch the burned on stains. Any suggestions?

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You can try BKF (Barkeeper's Friend--powdered version seems to have more oomph than the liquid version). Use with a blue scrub sponge, not the green kind, which might scratch the SS.

Another cleaner that might help is Dawn Power Dissolver spray/gel. Spray it on, let sit 15-30 minutes, and then scrub/rinse.

You might try a SS polish type product if the stains you have are the bluish discoloration or scorch marks that SS will sometimes get--not sure how effective any or all of the above are on those types of marks.

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I use DEP 505 degreaser first. If that does not work, I use BKF as stated by cat_mom. I also polish it with 3M SS cleaner.

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Is this an electric range top with the glass radiant heat, or glass?

I've used BKF on stainless pots & pans that I got this past Christmas, and it works really well. The blue/rainbow discoloration on the bottom comes off with some white vinager.

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It's a Kitchenaid gas range w/stainless steel cooktop.

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