Easiest way to sweep a hardwood or bare floor.

linnea56October 24, 2008

This may seem silly, butÂ

I have a hardwood floor in my kitchen. If I sweep with a broom I seem to chase dust/hair/lint everywhere, plus all the bending to use a dust pan is getting to me (recovering from a leg/foot injury). My huge heavy Kirby vacuum is too much work and weight to haul out. I have a big soft rag dust mop I use on other bare floors, but there is always too much grit or larger food particles to use that in the kitchen. I have a swiffer mop but my floor gets way too dirty for that to work; that also seems just to push dirt around rather than pick it up.

I thought of getting a simple lightweight "stick" type vacuum but am looking for a recommendation. Or maybe people here are all using something marvelous I have not thought of yet.


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I have one and daughter has another. Eureka and Shark. They both work well.

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I would go for the stick type vacume, they just need to be emtied a lot as the dust bags are so little. I have bare wood floors all over the downstairs, and have tried every thing.they are the best, so far, for me.

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I just use my Panasonic vacuum on hard wood floors. It has an option to stop the brushes but I found out that the brushes are good on the flat floors too. I really picks up everything on the bare floors. My Panasonic vacuum is the one that is sold commercially and is very powerful. I will pick up anything it seems. An it has a very quiet design.

I would suggest you try yyour full size Kirby vacuum. Go and work out weigh training and built up your arm and legs and core areas, so you can lift the vacuum with one arm - maybe 40-50 lbs. and it will be simple for you. Plus, you will live longer and feel better too! 40 pounds is nothing for a lady who works out with weighs these days. I see them do 60 pound curls and she is weighs only 80 pounds.

Just have to work at it! Maybe a month or two and you can do the 50 pounds. I known ladies that could only curl 8 pounds at the start and after two month were doing 55 pounds 10 reps and 3 sets.

You could use your Kirby as a weigh at the completion of the weigh lifting for fun1 It will feel like a feather!

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Have you seen how big and clumsy a Kirby is? Regardless of the weight this is not an easy machine to maneuver around chair legs and tight corners. Nor does it readily fit under the edges of things. I find myself sweeping and then having to get out a hand duster brush and go over the recesses under the cabinet overhangs. ItÂs like sweeping twiceÂactually it IS sweeping twice.

I donÂt need weight training: IÂm an artist and haul around hundreds of pounds of weight every weekend setting up and tearing down my display. I can carry a 30 pound grid rack with two fingers.

I want something I can just whip out and use at a moments notice. If it was skinny or compact I could store it easier too, just like a broom, right next to the kitchen. If it was convenient IÂd use it more (or I hope I wouldÂ!).

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linnea56, I have one similar to this (see link) and absolutely love it. This is what you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor Sweeper

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Does this one really work? Is this the same model you have? IÂve thrown out/donated 2 carpet sweepers so far that didnÂt, as in you had to pass over a piece of dirt 3 or 4 times to get it to pick up. But everytime I see someone using one in a restaurant, apparently effectively, IÂm tempted.

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