clean pillar and 3 wick candles

norwegaOctober 25, 2009

I have some Partylight candles that I love, as they burn evenly as the was liquifies when hot. Problem is, I don't burn them very often, and so they get dusty, and I haven't always cleaned the dust off prior to burning them again, so the top wax is greyish on a 6" 3 wick beige candle. Is there any way to clean the liquified wax so it's not greyish anymore?


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I suspect that dust is not the cause, but rather the wax color changed because that area liquefied and then became solid again.

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Use a sharp knife or razor blade and cut off the ugly part of the wax.

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This may not help you but I thought I would pass this tip along. It you are using dark colored candles, buff the white or grey off with old, clean pantyhose, that you would just throw out. They buff out and look like new. Just don't apply too much pressure. Some of these are seasonal and I just use them around the holidays and they look brand new and are 10 years old or better. I just thought someone would find this usefull.

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