Gas or Electric Appliances - which can I use?

owwoMay 15, 2014

I'm looking to purchase a new kitchen cooktop range/oven and a dryer for the utility room.

After looking at the connections, I don't know if I can use a gas range or electric range and a gas dryer or electric dryer?

Pictures below - please help!

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Kitchen receptacles:

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Dryer (utility room) receptacles:

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***off topic***

why do the pics above show them in landscape mode (horizontal), but when u click on the actual pics, it puts them in portrait mode (vertical)? by the way, i took these pictures in portrait mode (vertical) originally....dunno why they are rotated horizontally within the posting itself.

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Those look like gas lines to me, but are they still connected beyond what you can see, I would assume yes, but hard to know for sure. Most gas appliances still need some kind of electrical hookup now days as well. So in your first picture it looks like you have both 110v and 220v connections available. In the 2nd picture it appears there is only a 220v that we can see.

So, it would seem, assuming that those outlets are all live, that you could go with either gas or electric or even induction for the range assuming that is your top picture location. Then for the dryer you would need to make sure if you go with gas that the electrical connection is for 220v, or have an electrician change the 220v to 110v if the dryer only has 110v connection on it.

I am no expert, so take my post with a grain of salt.


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@Phil: thanks for the reply. so despite the gas lines being there and connected, i still can go with an all electric option (range and dryer), assuming that the outlets are live and the connections are for 220v? i was concerned that i had to go gas only for these appliances, but i'd rather go all-electric.

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I agree with Phil. The kitchen looks like it is set up to run gas, dual fuel, or all electric. However, I can't quite see the kitchen plug clearly enough to be sure what its amp rating is. Have you looked in the electrical panel to see if you have a 40 or 50 amp breaker for the range? You will need at least 40 Amp for any modern electric range including induction.

On the laundry room, I'm assuming that it has a a standard 120v outlet for the washing machine and that it is located somewhere to the right of the picture. If so, you will not need to rewire the 240v/30A outlet on the wall.

But, question: what is that cable coming out of the left wall and running across the bottom of the picture?

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