Bench for shower (built-in?)

tncraftApril 11, 2012

I am questioning the need for a built-in shower bench. What do you have?

I have seen pictures of builtin benches and also just a teak bench in the shower. I like both. Do you mind sharing why you have chosen built-in bench, teak bench or no bench? If you have no bench, which one would you choose and why?

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I didn't do a built-in. I wanted open space that was more flexible.... and a bench wouldn't have worked in my space very well.

I bought a teak corner bench instead.. (good for propping up a leg to shave, sitting or whatever. I like that I can put it directly in the stream of water if I feel like it.)

I think a built-in can certainly look nicer, though...

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When we remodeled our master bath we decided to create a shallow, one foot deep bench. (Basically the depth of our large tiles.) Something about the thought of sitting naked on cold, wet tile creeps me out, so I didn't want a full sized bench, but it's wonderful to have a place to put my feet when washing and shaving my legs, as well as having lots of space for shampoos, conditioners, etc.. I figured a built in bench would be easier to clean than a free standing bench.

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Just be very careful that they make the shower pan go under the bench if you do built-in. I have a neighbor whose pan went just right up to the bench and they got into mold and water that leaked right out the wall,etc. And in the middle of selling the home, the buyer backed out, the problem will now have to be disclosed even though the builder re-did everything: disaster. It made the owner ill. I have never wanted a bench, but we have made a couple of showers where you could get one in there if you needed to.

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We have this in our shower and love it, will be installing in new house!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower seat

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I am with lolauren. I knew I would *never* sit on it and it took up valuable space in our not huge shower. I did a travertine corner shelf that is about 8" deep. It matches our tile and is the perfect size to prop up a foot while shaving.

We did do shelves in our boys showers because they had room across the back and they wanted them ;). They are 9 and 11 and may well sit on them, just for the novelty. Their showers just seemed too long without them and they were set up to have them so we did it.

We did floating shelves in theirs though with the drain under the bench. This is how my builder likes to do it so we went with it.

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We have a built in bench that spans the width of the shower...I have never and will never sit on it...but dh is NOT a morning person, he likes to turn on the shower heads, make it all steamy, and just sit on the seat until he wakes up! :) it is just covered in subway tile like the walls. Our shower would have looked too deep and empty without it.

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andry, that is a nice alternative, Thanks for posting. We just did a built in bench in a guest bath and have a built in bench in the master shower. The folding seat would be a nice add on when we remodel the kids shower down the road.

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We enjoy having a bench in our master shower. We had one in our other home and it was was of those molded fiberglass showers with built in bench. When we started building my tile guy suggested a floating bench and recommended a certain size. My husband and I both kept thinking it was too small but I let the tile guy talk me into his size. (he assumes nobody actually sits on them but only uses them to put a leg on when shaving legs! LOL)

Well my husband hates the size of that corner bench - he calls it a "one butt cheek" bench. I wish I'd listened to my intuition on that one.

Make sure you get one that is big enough in case you really want to sit on it!

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Make sure you get one that is big enough in case you really want to sit on it!

I agree with downsy - if you go with built in, either know in advance if this will be to prop your leg on to shave, extra place to sit shampoo bottles (even if while just showering), or if you want someone to be able to sit on it.

The one in my parent's shower is 16-18" deep and 36" across. Plenty of room for a leg prop and extra storage, but also big enough to sit on if they are tired, sore, hurt, etc.

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