Cleaning Kenmore cast iron grates and griddle

onmiown3October 8, 2009

Hi all,

About a year ago, I bought a 4 burner, plus center griddle gas range from Sears. The grates and griddle are all cast iron and, according to the owners manual, can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sink and do not need seasoning.

12 months later and the grates are a sticky, stained mess and the everything sticks to the griddle. Washing the griddle in the dishwasher or sink seems to destroy any non-stick properties it built up.

So, how do I clean the grates and griddle? I'm thinking of throwing the grates into the oven when I run the self cleaning cycle. Would that help burn off the mess?

Should I season the griddle and ignore the owners manual's cleaning instructions? I cooked on it last night with a slight amount of grapeseed oil and it's very sticky right now. Should I throw it in on the self clean cycle, sticky oil and all, and start seasoning it?

Many thanks!


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The problem with sticking them in the self clean oven (assuming it would work) is that you would need to leave the oven grates in so that the griddle grates had something to rest on. And doing that will damage the oven grates.

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I would treat the grates just like a cast iron frying pan and season them in a slow oven. You will find directions in the link below. First heat your grills and get off that sticky surface. Wipe it down with dry paper towels, when it can be handled but is still warm and wash hot in soapy dishwater --not the dishwasher, wash them by hand. Then season them and--well the site tells you how to clean and season and keep cast iron seasoned.

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