stain on suede/leather shoes

kss1956October 22, 2009

I broke a bottle of Zyrtec (allergy liquid medicine) and it went on the suede part of my shoes. Shortly after this happened, I went to a shoe repair store who told me "you can't get grease off of suede". He had some foam product that I didn't buy.

I am in desparate need of advice because I have a hard time finding shoes to fit. I just read to purchase a suede eraser (where do I purchase this?), or a pencil eraser if you don't that this, or medium sandpaper used sparingly. Any input is greatly appreciated

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Suede is really tricky since it has a nap, and you didn't mention the color of your shoes. I use Lexol leather care products for my furniture, handbags, car seats. I buy mine at a store that sells horse saddles. This product is much better than the expensive stuff I have bought at furniture stores. They have a leather cleaner and also a conditioner. You may want to try the cleaner. I wouldn't rub anything abrasive on suede because I think it would destroy the nap.

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If it's a fresh grease stain sprinkle with talcum powder and leave for a couple of hours then brush it off. Talcum powder absorbs the grease but it only works if you haven't used cleaners or anything first.

You can also iron the spot out, just like you do with candle wax. Place a pad of paper towel on top of the stain and iron. The heat melts the grease and the towel absorbs it. It might be a little awkward with shoes but give it a try

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