pretty tablecloth

nana2010_gwAugust 8, 2014

I was given this tablecloth and matching napkins by a friend who couldn't use it. From 2014-08-07 (by Eye-Fi)

I love the embroidery.
I will probably use it again at Christmas or Valentine's Day. From 2014-08-07 (by Eye-Fi)

Once again I was able to use things I had. From 2014-08-07 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-08-07 (by Eye-Fi)

I hope everyone is enjoying summer


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Love the tablecloth & the lavender looks terrific with it. Especially like the vase of flowers, it's such a pretty color of lavender/purple! Jan

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Beautiful, Nana. Let the ladies from the Red Hat Society
join you. The tc and matching napkins r gorgeous. Love
your additions of purples with them.Whoot whoot

So glad you and Candy are continuing to keep things rolling
on Holidays. Still waiting to see what lies ahead here.sigh It's
so exciting to see Jane's breaking ground for her new home.


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That red would be great for so many occasions. What a nice friend you have who would give it to you.

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That tablecloth screams Valentine's Day to me.
You're lucky to have the matching napkins too.

I would never have thought to put lavender with red, but it works!
Count me among those who are grateful you are keeping the forum going. :-)

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Love it!
What a great friend.

Pretty color combo. I appreciate your efforts in posting on here as we seem to have lost so many who used to post, but for various reasons have left, :(

Very nice layering on the dishes too!

You have quite an eye for putting your table together.

Thanks again,

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Thank you all for your kind words.
I love doing tablescapes, and love this forum.
I think it's sad that it is Just Candy and me right now.

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Oh but Nana and Candy...don't despair...You're what's keeping this Forum together while the Rest of Us are on temporary Hiatis !! Once we all get
all our lives back on track...we'll be Back! Count on it.
in the meantime I have to agree that you have wonderful & generous friends.
I'm always amazed you have all the right accessories to add to what they give/loan you. I too wouldn't have thought of adding Lavender, but It Works! This tablecloth will work for Christmas..Valentine's Day and maybe even 4th of July! I like the pretty detailing of the Embroidery. Was this Hand made? I remember my Grandma working on Embroidered Tablecloths when I was little.
Thanks again for keeping things going...
We will be back...we will be back !

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Thank you Jane, The tablecloth wasn't handmade it is lovely tho, and so versatile.
I do have some amazing friends!! Who give or loan me things for my tables.
I hope more of our friends come back.
I have serious doubts that will happen, though.
many have gone on to other sites I think.

Anyway thanks for looking.

I hope you are making progress on your new house.

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Oh..Nana...don't have doubts...when the Holidays come...they'll make their way back. As far as my's two steps forward...three steps back. Very slow. We had a very heavy rain and that set everything back where water had to be pumped out of excavation site...and then it Rained Again !
Thanks for asking tho...
Please don't give up showing your beautiful tables...There are still some of us who love seeing them.


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Your table cloth is Beautiful! And what a great friend to give you such a wonderful gift, that they knew you would put to use. And such a lovely embroidery cloth...Love The Red with the White!! Just Beautiful!!

As aways, you have done a great job of putting together a Gorgeous Table Setting !!!!

You're color choices are perfect, such soft lavender on the Red is a WOW!!

Keep up the Great Work!!

And Count me in on being here as the Holidays Approach!!
You all are my first Christmas Decorating Family and I Love You All..

I just wish everyone could be well and there circumstances be solved so everyone could be back in the group!!

We need to get that Old Bus Rolling Again!!! :)

Love To You All,


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