how do you clean the broiler pan?!

vacuumfreakOctober 21, 2008

I have been using the broiler a lot more lately, but it is really a pain to clean. I have a gas range with the broiler being the in the bottom drawer... oven is not self cleaning. The stuff gets burned on and is very difficult to remove. It will not fit in the dishwasher, and srubbing it is too tedious.

A neighbor told me to cover it with foil, but I think that defeats the purpose. I think a broiler should have the holes exposed so the juices/fats can drip down... I thought that was part of the point of using the thing!I guess I could cover the "basin" part of it in foil and leave the grate part exposed.

I made a steak 4 days ago and the burned mess has been soaking in a tub of oxiclean ever since... I chip away at it a little more each day, but there has GOT to be a better way!

I guess I could spray Easy Off on it, but I hate to do that every time I use it.

I'm afraid that that if it doesn't become easier to clean I am going to stop using it altogether just like I have my juicer.

Any tips/hints? Thanks :o)

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Put foil over the rack part....and poke holes in the foil so the fat drips down....then put a little water in the lower catcher pan....and when it all catches up with you...spray with oven cleaner, put it all into a black plastic bag and let it sit outside in the hot sun all day.
And remember your worth as a human being is NOT measured by the cleanliness of your broiler!!
Linda C

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"I think a broiler should have the holes exposed so the juices/fats can drip down."

Besides the easy solution of poking holes in the foil you can also buy "BBQ" foil with holes already in it.

"I guess I could cover the "basin" part of it in foil."

Yes. This what most people do.

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Melissa Houser

The easiest way to clean a broiler pan is to let it cool, then wash off the easy stuff in the sink. If that doesn't get everything, then put it outside in a garbage bag with a cup of ammonia and some water. Let it soak in the sun for a few hours. You should be able to hose it off before you bring it back inside. No scrubbing at all.

I used to clean other people's houses and this trick saved me TONS of time. You can also clean your oven (self-cleaning or not) by letting the oven get warm inside, to about 200 degrees, then turn off the oven and put a small bowl of ammonia (glass only please) in the oven. I only use glass for this because that's what I was taught to do. I don't know if metal would react in there or not. Let it sit at least 4 hours in the oven, although I normally leave it overnight. The oven gunk wipes right out with a warm soapy washcloth.

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I have not heard of using Oxyclean on pots and pans. I would soak the pan for about two hours a solution of hot water and Dawn dishwashing liquid and then finish up with an SOS pad on the stuff left behind.

And by the way, Oxyclean stops working after a couple hours. And the water needs to be hot.

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Oven cleaner is great for broiler pans, another useful tip is to use a metal scrubber instead of the no-scratch scrubbers that most of us. If you buy one of those little scrubbies made of coiled metal, you'll find that it really helps get the baked on grease off, in a ways that a nylon scrubber can't.

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I usually use my gas grill year round but just in case this is how I clean the broiler pan. I buy disposable heavy aluminum broiler pans for about .25 each at a local discount store. I buy several at a time. I then put a cooling rack over the disposable pan which allows the grease to drip. Then I throw the pan away! I am also a big recycler for most things, but in this case, it made more sense to me to just use these pans rather than using toxic cleaners. I don't use more than 2-3 a yr. Using hot water, toxic cleaners, etc didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Oh yes, sometimes I wash these pans out if not excessively dirty.

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Soak it overnight with water and baking soda. It's amazing how much this can remove, burnt on foods, mac and cheese dishes, etc.

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If my oven is self cleaing, can I just leave the broiler pans inside while it cleans??

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Just spray with oven cleaner let it sit fem minutes,use sos pad,

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