Do I really need dovetail drawers upgrade on my vanities?

Skyangel23May 13, 2014

Our builder recommends upgrading to dovetail/soft close on our drawers in both vanities. There are twelve small drawers in our master vanity. I don't plan to put anything heavy in them and don't think they will get heavy usage, however I do want them to last. The upgrade is $540 for both master and guest vanities. We could do it, but budget is getting quite tight. Do you have dovetail constructed drawers? And if you don't, how have your drawers in the bathroom held up over time?

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Ask how the drawers will be attached to the fronts if not dovetailed. My initial inclination is to decline the dovetail and go with just the soft close hardware.

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Soft close is nice to have, but not nearly as "required" in the bathroom as in the kitchen. In the bathroom, I might typically open one drawer each day. In the kitchen, I seem to open every drawer and every cabinet door every time I'm in there.

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it is just stapled. Soft close comes w/ the dovetail, can't get them separately with this line.

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We're putting dovetailed with soft close hardware drawers in our new vanity. But I would say it's definitely NOT a need. I had no issue with our old HD vanity and it had just plain old drawers. We are only putting them in because my husband is a carpenter and takes great pride in his work. So I defer to him when it comes to woodwork.

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I don't like the stapled drawer idea, not very strong.

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Okay, thanks for the advice. I think we will go w/ the upgraded drawers. We have 12 in the master and 4 in the guest bathroom. Five hundred is a lot to add now, but five years from now will be forgotten, and ten years from now, and I'll still need those drawers to be going strong. :-)

Of course I'd rather spend it on something prettier and more noticeable, like more expensive, lovely master bath accent glass tile . . . sigh.

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Our old vanity (40 years old) had regular drawers and they were falling apart. Huge gaps in the corners and didn't open/close well at all. Granted our house was used and abused by the previous owners.

We opted for dovetail and soft close. I love how awesome they work in the kitchen and my DH will probably appreciate not hearing drawers slam shut anymore.

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so we just plowed ahead and added the deluxe dovetail/soft close drawers to the vanities. In five years, that five hundred would be gone, spent on who knows what, but the drawers will still be used daily for years to come. They better, anyway. :-)

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You won't be disappointed

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You did the right thing. Sometimes the hidden stuff if really what you end up liking the best.

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Dovetail compared to what? If the drawers have a dado joint - it should be just as good. Not a lot of load on vanity drawers.

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Geoffrey, she states that the drawers are stapled and without soft close doors, unless she upgraded to dovetail. That info is not in her original post, but part way down the thread. I agree with you that dado joint would be very good too.

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I know you've already decided, but just an FYI. Not all 'soft-close' glides are created equal. In our kitchen we have Blum and some Chinese brand. The Chinese brand unfortunately is the one in our large pots and pans drawers, and they are losing bearings (every so often we find one in the drawer). They still work, but if I ever built another kitchen I would ensure that Blum brand was used. (That's what our carpenter used in our vanity).

For me, (though it's easy to say cuz all my drawers are soft-close), even more important is that they all be full extension. We had our bedroom furniture custom made, and I swear all the drawers were supposed to be/used to be full extension. A couple of years later, they don't seem to want to open all the way, and since all my kitchen and BR drawers do, I'm always yanking at them to get them to open more!

We're in the middle of hot tub shopping right now, and I hate the cost of all the 'add-ons'. So I know how it's too easy to start with a certain budget in mind, and then get swayed into spending more for all the extras.

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Look, you can buy a Yugo or you can buy a Mercedes. Not that you have to pay for a Mercedes, but a dovetail joint is FAR superior to anything else. It will last for years and is a quality product. "You pays your money and you takes your chances..."

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In the end, we did feel that the drawers would probably be the first to show wear. We plan to be here 20 years, so hopefully everything will still be going strong. A bit pricey now, though.
And I do believe we have Blum soft close. :-)

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