Shower hardware finish - chrome or brushed?

newbie14May 15, 2013

In the home stretch but now starting to question our finishes. We currently selected polished chrome for all our fixtures. But perhaps a brushed chrome would blend better with the earth tone tile color scheme?

We still have a chance to change the shower glass hardware to brushed chrome.

We plan to match all the finishes eventually (ie, we could change the faucets, towel rods, etc.), but it would be impossible for us to change out the glass hardware once that's installed.

So what do you think? Brushed or polished chrome?

Thank you in advance! These forums have been my best friend during this process!

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I personally prefer polished chrome over brushed. We are renovating 2 baths now and I have selected polished chrome for each. One bathroom is in the same earth tone color scheme as yours. I think your shower fixtures go well with the tile, mosaic and granite. It's a personal choice and if you think it will bother you maybe change it, but I wouldn't go through the trouble and expense.

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I'd go with polished as well. I definitely think earth tone works better with polished or oiled bronze while cooler tones can probably go equally well with polished or brushed.

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I would stick with your chrome fixtures, though I have no problem with brushed with earth tones (as that is what I am doing in my Master Bath-LOL). Chrome is far more universal, less expensive, and if you already have part of your fixtures, I wouldn't worry about it.

P.S. Looking good so far! How long is your shower? Trying to figure out the size of your tiles.... :>)

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Thank you so much!! I think polished wins the day. I am not loud fashion or design-wise, so I was worried the polished would be too "shiny, look at me". But I think all your points make sense and have convinced me.

Raehelen, the shower is about 34x60 and the shower tile is 12x24 Happy Floors Neostile in Ash.

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I'm glad you are keeping the polished chrome! I don't think of it as "look at me", but a classic look. Love your shower!

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I am going with polished chrome for all my fixtures , I have almost the same glass tile and almost the same size of tile too . I will lay them subway style too. The only difference I am going white with the tile and green and blue on the glass tile . I think I see you using 6 rows of glass tile , how wide is that border ?

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lillo, the glass border is 4". I used 12"x12" mesh mounted glass squares ordered online from Lowes, cut into thirds.

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Thank you newbie14 for the information . I think I'll go with the same 4" width, your shower looks great . Enjoy it .

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Can you get it in polished nickel? Chrome has a blue tone and nickel has a yellow tone which might work better with your earth tones. I just received my chrome faucet and I definitely see blue in it.

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one of the plumbing stores recommended polished chrome to us, they claim the brushed has tiny channels or a texture created by the brushing process which makes for harder cleaning.
Maybe one of the plumbers on this site can weight in?? My brushed finish kitchen faucet needs polish to keep the water spots away, and I am not diligent.

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