PC Richards, Sears, Home Depot?

thenicksterMay 4, 2012

Where is the best place to buy a washer/dryer?

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Fori is not pleased

Depends on the sale. :)

I like Sears Outlet for things like a washer and dryer since mine are hidden away in the garage and dents only give them character.

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I considered the same three options when I bought my Samsung FL W/D. I ended up going with PC Richards due to a good sale plus the fact that they only charged something like $100 each for the pedastals. I often recommend PC Richards due to their competitive pricing and in-house service but in my case their installers - I believe subcontractors - were a joke.

I shrugged off their comments about hating working in houses like mine (a standard cape) instead of thanking me for the pre-work I had done for them including removing doors from their hinges along the path to make their life easier and removing and disposing of the nasty old dryer hose, draining the washer as best as I could, etc. But what left me less impressed was the reversed water hookup, the dents on the top of the dryer due to them using it as a ladder, and the fact that they insisted the washer did not need to be leveled, it just needed four feet firmly planted on the ground. I didn't complain; the technical issues I took care of and the dents were minor, but if and when there's a next time I'll be hawking over them with the install manual in hand.

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Might I suggest your local independant dealer instead. I got a dishwasher from mine. Then I got some KA stuff (he only sold Maytag then) from Sears and had various long standing problems. When my dishwasher needed a part, he had it in stock with a 1 day fix. You would get people who either service what they sell or know who knows how to do it.

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Yes, that's nice and exactly what I meant about PCR's "in-house service.". They do their own service so you don't have to deal with the mfr. I've been very pleased with their service the couple times I've needed it.

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