Ebbe Square Drain

motherof3inctMay 8, 2013

Hi - I just saw a few favorable reviews of the Ebbe square drain that has a hair catcher integrated in the drain cover. I have long hair and currently have issues with my shower draining slowly because if clogs. I am hoping this gizmo will help.

Has anyone used this drain with positive reviews? I did a search on GW and found a few, but was hoping for more. My plumbing supply rep only recommended California brand.

I can purchase the ebbe drain from ebbesquaredrain dot com and was worried about its integrity.


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I have one! I got it from a local, (but not all local) plumbing supply warehouse (for less than ebbe online.) I think they are also available on Amazon.

We like it!

The hair catcher does its job (I lose a lot of hair). It is easy to access too. And, cheap. I recommend buying extra hair catchers and replacing every now and then.

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We have that drain in my son's bathroom and his hair is over a foot long. No problems. It comes with a little key to let you pop up the grate and clean hair from the filter below. Looks good and works well

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Thank you so much for the replies. I feel much more confident with my purchase. I placed an order on the ebbe website because they were able to ship it to me priority mail. I should have it on time for my contractor Friday. i purchased the basic chrome grate. The fancier ones were very pretty and supposedly more substantial, but over my budget. Maybe I will upgrade in the future.

Thank you again.

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UGH - My reno was going very smoothly until this morning! I realized that my tile guy permanently grouted in the removable Ebbe shower grate. The shower grate should be removable so hair can be cleaned out of the drain. I assumed my GC told the tile guy about the special drain, especially since the grate key was sticking straight out of it.....I guess I was wrong.

Can the grate cover be cut out of the grout and re-grouted without damaging my shower floor? On GW I read about grout being re-done or tile being re-set, but does that make my shower floor less durable in the future or risk leaking around the shower grate?

Help! I need to speak with my GC when he comes this morning.

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Are you sure? Pull up really hard. When it is finished, it LOOKS like it is "grouted in" but it really isn't.
And, yes, if he really did, he probably just needs to chisel a little grout out (or take a blade). It really looks grouted in when finished, though, so make sure he really did what you thought he did.

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without drain cover

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one more, straight on.
"looks grouted in"

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kirkhall - As my daughter would say "You are the bomb!". Thank you for the pics. It really is stuck in there, but my GC said they could cut it out carefully. He is just worried that the grout seal may not be tight, but can just re-grout or seal with silicon. I'll keep you updated! Thank you!

Your shower floor looks great!

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Thanks! What does he mean the grout seal won't be right? Grout isn't a sealant. There should be waterproofing somewhere UNDER there, and weep holes that should remain in tact. They won't have to "cut" out too much.

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Sometimes I put my cover back on it and it is too hard for me to get back off and I have to get my husband to remove it. Did you GC ask the plumber if he really did grout the cover in?

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I'm sorry to highjack this, but kirkhall I love your tile! Do you have pictures of your shower posted?

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No. I haven't "finished" my bathroom yet... So, I haven't done a reveal, though we are living in it. :) And, I have to figure out how to imbed pictures from picasaweb (it used to be easy before they integrated it with google+...) Here is my main shower wall though (sorry to "feed the hijack". I'll post a finished bath soon.)

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My husband was able to remove it! No problem with hijacking - I am grateful for everyone's advice. Kirkhall - I love your accent tiles on the shower wall. Is that a Moen valve trim? My plumber had problems with mine sticking out too much. My bathrooms are almost done. Will soon post pics and will definitely include the Ebbe drain.

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Yes, it is Moen. When my plumber installed the valve, he asked my tiler how thick our tiles were... He said that Moen valves are known for not having a lot of "tolerance". I was nervous, because this valve trim has some not so good reviews on Amazon/faucetdirect, etc, but my plumber asked the right question and it worked out!

I'm glad your DH was able to get the drain cover off. When he puts it back on, just don't tamp it in as far/hard, or just have him remove it for the first several times. :)

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Can you wash the hair catcher in the dishwasher?

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I have no idea, Ron, but I am not sure I would. You really just pull the hair off (toss it) and put the catcher back in. They are also very inexpensive, so you could replace annually, quarterly, semi-annually, or whatever.

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