Ordering door knobs- which ones are privacy?

kam76April 24, 2014

Did you put privacy door knobs on all bedrooms or just your master and bathrooms? Trying to decide what makes the most sense.

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Also meant to add, if you have a bathroom that has a sink in one room and the toilet/shower behind another door would you use privacy knobs on both doors or just the toilet/shower?

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I have small kids so locks are on all bathrooms and the master but that's it. I also recommend putting a key up somewhere easy to access just in case. Also, I would like the option to lock both the bathroom and the toilet closet.

That's just my take, I have no idea what is typical.

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robo (z6a)

I put privacy on master and bathrooms and passage on the other rooms. If I were putting in a second master/bedroom with ensuite I think I'd put privacy on that room as well. And if I had a separate toilet/shower I'd put privacy on both knobs.

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We put privacy knobs on all the bedrooms. Once a kid hits about 10 there are times they'd like some privacy too. You do need to remember where you put the key, though. Our 3 year old grandson managed to lock himself in a few years ago, which was all very exciting.

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I put privacy levers on all bedrooms and bathrooms and a keyed lever on the storage/mechanical room.

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We put push button privacy knobs on both bathrooms and put locking knobs on each bedroom. The little darlin's have driven us to this of course.

The master BR has reasons for such that center around presents being stored in its closet. Its key opens all other locks too.

The other BRs have keys because each person there wants to preserve their secrets too. Each of those key pattern opens only that BR and no other BR, but also opens all the outside doors too.

The house has a third key biting for other people that only opens the exterior doors. Standard master keying hierarchy and a cinch to do.

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Depends on your family composition and habits, clearly! We have no locking interior doors in our house now and won't in our new house either. Never even considered it. A closed door means "occupied" or "knock." But young kids don't always get that-- I remember when my parents installed a lock on their bedroom door-- must have had "naptime" interrupted one too many times...

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