Frameless shower door, 1/4" or 3/8"?

janesylviaMay 2, 2013

Which glass thickness should I choose for my frameless shower door, 1/4" or 3/8"? What's the major advantage of 3/8" door compared to the 1/4" one?

Thank you very much.

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The only one I'm familiar with (wife's master bath) is 1/2". I'll probably use 3/8" for the two I'm about to do. Never heard of 1/4" being used.

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3/8" is fine depending upon the size of the shower and the layout. I would not recommend using 1/4" period for a frameless shower.

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Our guest bathroom has 3/8" shower glass. DH and I used that bathroom while our other two were being reno'd. Glass felt solid, not flimsy at all.

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Mine are 3/8 solid,no problems.

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Here in Canada, it's in mm not inches, so I had to get out the ruler to convert...LOL Our glass downstairs is 6mm or 1/4", but that is what they call semi-frameless, the walls are all framed, but the door itself is frameless.

For our MBR reno, the doors are 10mm or 3/8", and are completely frameless. I can't imagine going any thicker, these are thick and heavy!

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Thank you all so much for sharing your experience, which is very helpful.

I'll go for the 3/8" glass. For complete frameless, it seems better to use the 3/8" one. Since it's heavy, is it better not to have a glass door too wide? How wide are your frameless shower doors? Do you have vertical gasket installed at the fixed panel or door? If not, is it a concern that water might splash out through the vertical gap?

Thank you very much.

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My wife's door is about 28". The side of the fixed panel by the wall has clear silcone. There is a flexible plastic strip where the door meets the wall, and on the bottom of the door to the curb, but nothing between the door and the fixed panel. No significant amount of water gets out.

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