Farm Fresh Table

maximavswifeAugust 15, 2011

I purchased these plates on a big GW thrifting adventure last month (check out the link below). Everything was 50% off so they were .25 each!

The "napkins" are dish towels from Ikea (I got to go before they opened the new Denver location and beat the crowd) .79 each. The placemats and flatware also come from Ikea. The red dinner plates and coffee cups are part of a set from from a Wednesday deal. White bowl is from our everyday Gibson set. Water glasses are from WalMart at .79 each. DH brought back the embroidered runner from Canada when he was there after his DGM passed away in June. It was lovingly stitched, pressed and starched by her. I love being able to use it on this table as she was a sweet simple country girl. Candlewick sugar and creamer were purchased on Ebay. Rooster was clearanced at Joann's several years ago.

This table almost seems like a transition from summer into fall. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler. Summer seemed too short this year :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of thrifting adventure and picture of Kath

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Wow! I'm crazy about those dishes. CRAZY JEALOUS! And you worked just a great tablescape around them. The placemats seem so, oh I don't know, "corn-husky" I guess. Like the ripples around the dishes and mugs. And Mr. Rooster is very proud to be a centerpiece.

The runner is lovely, by the way. So nice that you are actually using it.

Now, what information is on the back of those darling dishes?

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OMG OA, I chose the placemats for exactly the reason you said! I am so happy you "got it" LOL. I will check the back of the plates when I get home and let you know. Believe me when I saw the first one on the shelf I started to hyper-ventilate, then I found the other 3 and was doing that happy dance jig (you know the one we all do when we find the days perfect score!). I have more things to share from that day. It was so much fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!


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slinkey did your DH's DGM proud by showcasing her beautiful runner on such a lovely table!
I agree with OA.. those dishes bring out
the 'green-eyed monster of jealousy'
What a terrific buy...My GW only has 'color dot' days for half off on certain items...NEVER EVERYTHING..or low enough to go for $.25!
I love the red JCP plates and cups too. I remember seeing them at their store, and always admiring them. They look so nice against the placemats - fabulous ('Farmy') choice, and also those IKea napkins - another perfect choice.
Your Rooster CP not only has a 'grand presence', but sets off the theme so nicely.
I'd be doing a 'Happy Dance' too after scoring ALL those great scores.
Look forward to you sharing more from your shopping day.


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I just love those plates! They remind me of some by CasaModa . I don't know why! Great table!

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What everybody else said!!

Its a good thing I wasn't able to go with you ladies that day, cause I would have been fighting with you over those dishes!!LOL

This is a seriously cute table and I love that your DH supports your efforts. That table runner is fab.

Great job.


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OA, the plates are Home Trends Farm Fresh. Checking eBay, I did great in getting them for .25 each! And I don't see a full set listed in my quick search.

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Kath. those are sure *purdy* dishes. I am envious too. Your whole table is a winner. I esp like that you used your DH' GMs embroidered runner. It breaks my heart when I see all that work put into something and the future generations don't appreciate it. It was such a bargin too, to me that makes it even more fun. Janet

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Gosh, what can I add....the others nailed it. For that matter, the title of your table said it all too. WOW.
I knew when I saw your dishes, that you'd have some of the gang drooling over them! LOL. Hope they don't know where you live.

What really struck me is what's underneath this delightful tablesetting! That is one gorgeous TABLE, and chairs!! Its sure perfect for this theme.

The bargains you got would have made any one do the Happy Dance.
hugs, Karen

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maxi...another wonderful t'scape in that new DR! Yes, this is a 'Farm Fresh' table! Love those 4 salad plates you found...bargain $$$ (cents, I guess!) Tis the season for all those goodies ont he plates! Am loving & seeing RED!

Like OA, your placemats shouted 'corn husks' & love the weave pattern! And your handtowels for napkins...looks like a farm table! But, how wonderful that you worked in DH's DGM's beautiful embroidered table runner w/that farm rooster & ivy! Looks great! Oh & so nice that you can enjoy your table all set up now for awhile! TFS, kath! Jeanne S.

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I love your new dishes too! What great designs and so fun that each one is different. Loved the blog write up and the opportunity to "meet" you! Sure sounds like you gals had a wonderful time finding all your great bargains. How fun! Thanks for sharing with us. Luvs

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Kath, What everybody else said!
Great table and great bargains too.
Looks like you all had a fun day.
I'm glad you are able to enjoy your new Dining Room.


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Marlene Kindred

Ditto to everyone else's comments! LOVE the plates and the rooster centerpiece makes it even more "farm fresh".

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