Do you rinse dishes before loading dishwasher ??

emaemesOctober 4, 2007

It has always been a rule in our family that all dishes must be rinsed clean before placing into the dishwasher....The standard question is "clean or dirty" ??..because you can't tell if they are or aren't...We've all unloaded a dirty dishwasher a few times....My daughter says she read that dishwasher detergent works better on a soiled plate because it has something to grab onto....We're not talking about leaving chunks of food on the dish...just not rinsing it clean first....Also, while I have a perfectly good Kitchen Aid dishwasher...(it's old)....and very noise...I can't stand it..., I'm planning to purchase a new hi end dishwasher in the near or not so near future....Any opinions on how it affects the dishwasher ???...I'm curious to know what you all think about this...Thanks..

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What's the point in using or even owning a dishwasher if you're going to rinse them off. You may as well continue on and handwash them. I have never in 30+ years rinsed dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher with the exception of cooked on egg sometimes. It's so rare that something comes out not clean that the odd time it happens isn't a valid enough reason to start rinsing every dish every time, that's folly.
If you stick with a good detergent like Cascade gel packs or Electrasol tabs you're guarenteed to get good results. Todays dw detergents can make even a mid performing dishwasher perform better.

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We NEVER rinse our dishes. We scrape the chunks off and put them in the dishwasher. We have never had a problem to speak of. I have even left dirty dishes over the weekend and ran the dishwasher on Monday morning without any problems. I do use Electrasol tabs... haven't found anything that I like as well or is as convenient!!

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No pre-rinsing here. I can't imagine why anyone would do that. And it wastes water.

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You might check the thread I started on this same subject a few months ago for some addional opinions, though I realize your question is a bit more specific. I agree with Pkguy... what's the point? If you're going to do that first, throw the dishwasher away and put in cabinets! There are people out there that LOVE those old Kitchen Aids. If you get a new one, it may not clean as well or last as long! Depends on if yours was made before or after Hobart made them. A new one will of course be quieter though.

Here is a link that might be useful: the thread

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I put in a cheap Amana when I bought my house 12 years ago, as that is all I could afford. I did have some problems getting clean dishes or glasses until I started using Electrosol dual action tabs. They were rated the best in CR. I run my dishwasher once a week or so.Everything comes out clean, and I only scrape off the food chunks. The dishwasher detergent makes a big difference!

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Yes I do rinse my dishes before putting them in the DW. I have heard somewhere that the DW detergent works better with food on dishes. I can't prove that as I always rinse. I can tell if the DW has clean dishes by quickly looking at the glasses. Even rinsed dishes don't look like cleaned dishes.

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So Premier, you admit you do pre rinse but you didn't say why you do it. Why do you do it?

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I do pre-rinse. I use all natural dishwasher detergent and, while my dishes come out squeaky clean and shinier than they've ever been, the manufacturer recommends pre-rinsing. Natural detergents don't have all of the chemicals that regular detergents do, so I guess it's harder for them to remove really stuck on stuff. I wouldn't go back to chemical detergent for anything though. A little pre-rinsing is worth it and I usually just rinse everything as we finish with it. This way there's no scrubbing, just a quick rinse.

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I prerinse for three reasons. If I am loading dishes in the DW but not planning on running the DW for a while (although it is run daily) I feel that the food left on the dishes would smell and that smell could escape into the the smell from a garbage can. Even though the DW uses hot water and I can use a sanitary rinse and the tub is SS, the racks are plastic coated and plastic does absorb odors. I have opened SS dishwashers that smelled and that would bother me.

Even if I was going to start the DW immediately, I don't like the idea of blobs of food floating around the water that is washing my dishes. And yes I have a prerinse. But if you just scraped the food off without rinsing there still are pretty good blobs of food left. Those blobs can end up on the walls of the DW, etc even with a prerinse. I like the idea of washing my dishes in clean water without food floating around.

I also think it keeps the DW cleaner and odor and build up free. Even if you use to much powder detergent, some DWs will show evidence of some powder buildup. If the detergent can do that, I figure blobs of food can also do that. If you have ever taken apart the bottom of a DW, you will see everything does not go down the drain. It can get slimy down there.

I don't clean my dishes before putting them in. I merely rinse them off but that does basically remove everything but they don't look clean to me.

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I used to prewash - for whatever reason - all possible reasons have already been mentioned. HOWEVER - on the scene came those little packets - Cascade/Electrosol - and in my effort to give them a full tilt test, I stopped all the pre-nonsense. Guess what? As so many have already discovered, there is NO need to pre-rinse, pre-wash, pre-pare.

I am still so fascinated w/ the cute little packages and the absolutely clean dishes that I run the washer before it is "full up".

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Well Premier I was with you up to the point of leaving stuff in their and possibly smelling for a few days but you lost me on the pre-rinsing of stuff that's going to be run through the dw immediately. I don't buy that, never had it happen. Not that my opinion is going to sway you since it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things LOL

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No, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things unless you consider the environment.
Mfrs. are competing to fill the demand for washers and DW that use less energy and water.
Is it time to make a connection? Sandy

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Premier, I've worn out two dishwashers (six kids) and never had a stinky dw. Of course, it often ran twice a day then. Now it's just DH and me most of the time, so I often don't run the machine for a couple days. The current Maytag is six years old, and even after a couple days it NEVER stinks, (stainless steel, plastic racks, like yours)and I'd wring the neck of anyone who rinsed a plate before putting it the machine. And I love to cook, do lots of it every day. Just scrape 'em. At the very least, use the machine's rinse-only cycle if the dishes will sit a day or two. SAVE THE PLANET!

BTW, all dishwashers rinse the dishes thoroughly, then drain that water before they release the detergent for the cleaning cycle. And they do it with a lot less water than sink-rinsing does. Please consider it.


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I have never had a stinky dishwasher either. I would think that as soon as the dishwasher was run, any odors would disappear.

On those days that you happen to wash dishes by hand, do you also pre-rinse the dishes or do you just scrape the dishes and then put them in the dishwater? I know I don't pre-rinse hand washed dishes either. Detergents, whether made for machine or hand washing, were developed to keep 'dirt' from re-depositing on dishes. It is easier to just let the detergent work like it was made to.....

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Stuck on food doesn't come off in my elderly dishwasher. I don't run it everyday so I rinse. But sometimes I just run the dishwasher rinse cycle.

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Thirty years ago a woman living on a dairy farm in New Zealand told me that she got a portable dishwasher (the sort that you move over to the sink and hook up to the faucet) and learned that the DW used less water than she did.

Today, dishwashers are even better. It is a waste of water and time to rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Every one of you who still clings to the notion that you must rinse first should at least ONCE try what the rest of us do: knock off the scraps, put in the dishes and let that machine wash the dishes. Also, put as many things as possible into the DW: pots, pans, cat food dishes, you get the idea. The best dishwashers, according to Consumer Reports, can clean a dirty brownie pan.

We are having a drought here in California, which is another good reason to never rinse those dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. We are now only two in our house, and sometimes it isn't run for 3 days and still things get clean. At most there might be 3 or 4 items that need a little bit of rinsing, but since I rinsed nothing, I think that's a fair exchange.

Your mother may have taught you to rinse the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, but today's dishwashers are a lot better than the one my mother bought in 1952. What are you afraid of? STOP RINSING THOSE DISHES NOW!

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There has been much mention of not rinsing before putting into the DW to save water.

How many people still have top loader washers? How many purchased FLs to save water?

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How many purchased FLs to save water?

I have! :)

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How many people still have top loader washers? How many purchased FLs to save water?

I have an HE top loader, can't stand the front loaders.

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I just got confused - did we switch from dishwashers to front loading CLOTHES washing machines, Premier? I googled top loading DWs and can't find any.

If we switched topics, I don't see what FL clothes washers have to do with rinsing the dishes before loading them into the DW. Saving water is only one (albeit the Main) issue. Many of us will replace our top-load clothes washers with HE front loaders when they wear out, but filling the dumps with working machines doesn't make much sense to me, either. We should all be doing everything we can to save water AND the planet. If you bought a HE front loading clothes washer to save water, I'm glad you did. But PLEASE STOP RINSING YOUR DISHES! Consult your dw owners manual. And try to lighten up a bit! Smile!


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I agree Sherry about replacing working clothes washers, or ANY still working appliances for that matter. I've got to admit, though, using less water for clothes washing is going to be hard to get used to when the time comes, I think.

Stinky dishwashers? I had a real "test" forced upon me recently. Had to cook and bring homemade sauce, lasagna & a spinach dish to a family gathering out of town. By the time I was finished cooking I was too exhausted to clean up and we had to leave early in the morning. Next morning I quickly loaded everything I'd used the day before in the DW, closed the door and out we went. I won't leave an appliance running when not home so the mess sat there for 4 days.

The house didn't smell when we got home. I ran the DW (just normal cycle, as usual) and it all came clean. No SS interior, just a Whirlpool with plastic racks and "innards".

BTW I just discovered the Drought Forum on the gardening side of GW. A real eye opener. Sandy

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sherrmann LOL


For someone who is concerned about saving the planet and the water I waste rinsing my should be more concerned about all of the extra gallons and gallons of water you waste with each load you wash in your TL.

You can't preach about saving water if you still have a top loader. Throwing out your wasteful top loader would be a huge help to our planet. The land fills have room for your TL.

I do have a highly efficient top loader so I am saving the planet.

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I have a LG front loader

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It's a silly argument using a top loading washer vs a frontloader vs rinsing dishes and not rinsing dishes.
Firstly not everyone can afford to go changing out all of their appliances all at once.
A top loader needs to use that much water to function correctly so you have no choice until you change it for a more efficient washer. Provided you select the proper water level for the amount of clothes you're washing.
However a dishwasher does NOT need the dishes to be pre rinsed before washing therefore you ARE making a choice to waste water that is not needed.

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Thank you, pkguy, for your succinct post. Whew!


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pkguy Your explanation isn't responsive to what I said.

It's one thing to say its not necessary to rinse dishes before putting them into a dishwasher as a dishwasher can properly clean them without prerinsing.

But when one adds the separate and distinct reason that prerinsing is wasting water and one should save the planet and not prerinse and then that person is wasting 30 gallons of water a washer load by insisting on using a TL.....that sounds hypocritical to me. If saving the planet was so important to me that I would preach that to other people, I would make sure I wasn't using the biggest waste of water washer. If saving water was so important to me that I would tell people on the internet to SAVE THE PLANET...I would first get my house in order and use a water efficient washer regardless if my old water waster was still kicking or not. It sounds more like do as I say and not as I do.

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meow! meow!

I can see where you are both coming from but I fully understand what pkguy is saying... because it is NOT necessary to usually pre-rinse dishes to get them clean! Some don't have the choice to use anything but a top loader washer-- but pre-rinsing your dishes is a choice you are making.

Besides, depending on how hard your faucet is turned on, how long you let it run, blah, blah, blah, pre-rinsing your dishes can use as much water as running a load of laundry in a TL.

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And let's not overlook one rather important fact: I HAVE NEVER SAID I DO NOT HAVE A HIGH EFFICIENCY, FL CLOTHES WASHING MACHINE! I know from other threads, Premier, that you dislike being misquoted, misunderstood and misinterpreted, as we all do. You are misinformed about how dishwashers work, and if yours does not work properly, then dump it and buy a HE replacement. I repeat, SAVE THE PLANET, and stop rinsing your dishes. And SMILE! Just a little.

Congratulations to Albert Gore, eh!


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It is pointless to hold a discussion with someone who cannot comprehend what has been previously written.

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Many people can't afford to replace a perfectly good top loading washing machine with a front loader. Even if you still have a top-loader washing machine, you can save water by doing your best to run full loads. I'm waiting for mine to sound the death rattle, at which point I'll start shopping for a front-loader. Not only do FL machines use less water, but I'm told they are easier on the clothes, which helps take the sting out of that hefty price tag.

However, all of you with dishwashers can stop rinsing and start using less water today.

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Sorry about resurrecting this old thread...but I am curious about something. I drink a lot of coffee and sometimes forget to rinse my cup out which leaves coffee stains in the cup. My DW will not get these stains out. I have to rinse them with a sponge before loading them. I am just wondering if this is typical or might a newer machine do a better job.

We are having a few problems with the machine (such as crystals of soap remaining on the top of cups) and I am close to wanting a new one...but it does the job as long as most of the dirtier dishes are prerinsed.

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Crystals of soap remaining on the top of cups sounds like your dishwasher isn't rinsing well enough or the water isn't hot enough. And a dishwasher should be able to get the coffee ring out of a cup. It sounds as if this machine is not working adequately.

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Someone on this forum recommended letting the hot water run from the faucet before running the dishwasher. My dishes came out so much cleaner once I started doing that.

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Thank hubby just reminded me that we are having issues with our hot water, so that is probably the problem with the soap crystals.

I still think my current DW doesn't clean as well as the newer ones (coffee rings being just one example.) I think we'll start looking for a replacement.

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I also run the faucet for a couple of minutes for the water to get hot. As for rinsing, mostly no. I do rinse some things that seem to glue themselves to dishes, broccoli, mashed potatoes, grits (we're from the south). Otherwise, accordign to the dishwasher repairman, the dishwaher senses the "turbidity" of the water. (That was his word!) In other words, it cycles to run according to how much junk is in the water. Sometimes mine runs several minutes longer. But no one, I'm sure, would put dishes in there with "big chunks" of food!

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ilovetn - turbidity is a measure of "cloudiness" in the water. Basically, as the water passed through a tube, a light shines through it, with a sensor on the the side to measure the light. The amount of light that doesn't make it through, tells it how dirty the water is.

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I found this post interesting. I have historically been a rinse and wipe first kinda girl. So the last couple of days I tried to just put the dishes in the dishwasher dirty. The first night we had rosemary chicken. The "clean" dishes had bits of rosemary on them. And I found a chunk of pineapple on the bottom of the dishwasher. Yuck.

Breakfast the next morniing: fried eggs and bacon. I scraped off the egg from the plates and put them in. I wiped out the bacon grease from the pan and put it in. I ran the d/w on "half load" because I didn't want the egg yolk to sit in there and dry. The plates came out clean, the bacon pan did not and had to be rewashed by hand. One glass was still cloudy.

I am back to rinsing and wiping, although I let a little more through than I did before.

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lightlystarched - what brand of dishwasher do you have? How old is it?

If your water is hot enough and the machine is working properly, the dishes should have been clean, the pineapple should have gone down the drain, and the glass should not have been cloudy. (Frying pans are another matter.)

Measure the temperature of the hot water coming out of the faucet near the sink. It needs to be at least 120 degrees F. If you can hold your hand under the running hot water as it comes out of your faucet, the water isn't hot enough.

Dishwasher manufacturers don't make this clear, but even in machines that say they heat the water, they are only heating the rinse water, not the cleaning water.

Another thing to look at is how you load the machine. Make sure that you are not obstructing the action of the spray wand, the larger dishes are not obstructing the smaller ones, glasses are pointed down, etc. The dishwasher manual will give you pointers on loading.

The bottom line is that the washing machine is capable of cleaning most everything, you just need to troubleshoot the problem. And the water temp is the place to start.

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Some diswashers are claimed to be so good at cleaning that you could put dishes in the machine with the equivalent of a whole pizza in the machine, and the dishes would come out clean. Of course, these machines use a noisy garbage disposal to do the work. We had one of those. It was ok, but very noisy. We now have a Bosch, top of the line. It captures loose particles of food in a filter which you have to clean periodically, and it will not dispose of a whole pizza.

We do not rinse our dishes before stacking them into the machine. We do, however, wipe off any food that's on the plates with a used napkin or paper towel. The machine is about a year old, and we have still to clean the filter. And this machine is whisper quiet. That means I can talk on the phone, read, listen to the radio, do whatever I want while the machine is on, and it does not affect me. It works very well and is energy efficient and uses less water than our old machine. It was costly but worth it.

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Correction to above.. Many dishwashers do heat the main wash water. My Miele did, and my present KitchenAid also heats the wash water and it's about 4 years old. It even has a light that turns on when it's heating the wash water and waits till it reaches the temperature and then continues washing.

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My 8-10 yr. old Whirlpool heats the wash water and has a light to let us know when its heating too. Just adding this so anyone reading doesn't get the idea those features are only in what are (or were) considered "upscale" brands and newer machines. Sandy

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Well, I'm back in the game.....
Graywings.....Which dishwasher do you have ??....Model???
Age ???....
I'm still with my Kitchen Aid..
...purchased in 1991...Noisy as anything...really rattles my nerves...but does clean very very well...
And yes, I'm back to a through rinse first....
I think I lasted two dishwasher loadings w/o rinse, but old habits don't die easily....

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Emaemes, it's not THE dishwasher that cleans very, very well if you are still rinsing, it's "YOU, the dishwasher," who cleans very, very well. What does the dw have to clean if you've already done it?

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I have a 3 year old dishwasher and I just dump, load and wash. No pre-rinsing, and I haven't had any 'chunks' leftover. Also I chose the most efficient wash cycle for what has been loaded, such as pots and pans, normal, or water miser. I most often use the water miser setting. I have a setting for Sani Rinse which is used once in a while when someone is sick. Call me paranoid. :) As for my clothes washer, I have a top loader that I bought last year after my 15 year old washer croaked. The old one was the typical "fill the tub to the brim no matter what size the load." The new Kenmore Oasis I have, automatically determines the amount of water needed. When I first got it, I thought there is NO WAY clothes would get clean using so little water. I was AMAZED by it and my water usage and the cost dropped by nearly half. And on the question of water conservation, I wonder how much water goes down the bathroom sink while standing there brushing your teeth? I just dampen the bristles, turn the water off, brush away, and rinse. You would be amazed by the waste just from the 'small stuff' much less the 'big stuff.'

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We have a three year old GE profile dishwasher, and yes, I always rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher. It takes about three days to fill the DW before I can clean the dishes, and the thought of the stench of that food sitting in my dishwasher just disgusts me. I don't know why anyone would NOT rinse them unless you are going to wash them immediately. Personally, I think it's impolite to put your dirty dish on someone's counter when you are a guest in someone's home - my mother always taught me that it's polite to rinse my dish and not leave it up to someone else to scrape my dinner plate.

Any rotting food is going to seep into the plastics and metal inside my dishwasher creating a stench that would probably be hard to get rid of. No thank you!

Efficient or not, please rinse your dishes!

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Any rotting food is going to seep into the plastics and metal inside my dishwasher creating a stench that would probably be hard to get rid of.

And yet that is NOT the case for the millions of people who never rinse their dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher. Maybe you should test your theory by not rinsing your dishes for a week.

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Graywings, maybe it's time you test your sense of smell. You are in your home every day. Maybe you don't smell it. I bet others do.

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I come from a large family so I have had lots of kitchen duty. I can always tell who did dishes from looking at them when unloading the dw. No dishwasher will get lipstick off the rim of the glass or coffee stains from the cup. Several of the family members do the just stick it in the dw without rinsing. Food does get stuck in the silverware. If you are having to rewash where is that saving water?

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I have a dw that is supposed to wash without rinsing. My sink is not in commission right now, so I'm not doing my usual rinse before they go to the dw -- and it is driving me nuts. So I now set the machine to do a 'Quick Rinse' with some detergent before actually doing the wash cycle. Otherwise, the water cleaning the dishes is a disgusting stench of liquid. And the dishes actually have the smell when done, with a sniff test. I noticed it inside my glasses first.

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and the thought of the stench of that food sitting in my dishwasher just disgusts me.

This is one of those subjects that people go round and round about, just like the wearing shoes in the house debates and the toilet paper roll up or down debate.

If you are rinsing your dishes first because the thought of not doing it grosses you out, that is a perfectly legitimate reason to do it. We all have these quirks.

There are lots of odor-causing things in my house - the people, the pets, the garbage can (off and on), the sink drain, the kitchen cabinets and curtains that have absorbed cooking odors, and on and on. The slight amounts of food and drink left on plates and cups and glasses contained in a dishwasher are a minimal component of the overall odor in the house.

Kim, the point I was making to you is that if you have never tried not rinsing your dishes (which seems to be the case based on what you wrote), then you in fact don't know whether you would have an odor problem or not.

In squirrel's case, she says her dishes smell differently if she doesn't rinse. There are such broad differences among people's olfactory sensitivities that you can't challege such a statement. I imagine it is both a blessing and a curse to be able to detect scents to this degree.

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Well, I don't rinse and it bugs me when people visiting me rinse their dishes before they put them in the dishwasher.

Yes, depending on what we ate it is possible for there to be a smell from the dishwasher. I do rinse fish for this reason. If this is a problem, and it's rare, then I push the rinse and hold or run the dishwasher. I ususally run the dishwasher everyday or every other day. Sometimes I will go 3 days.

Yes, once in a while something doesn't come clean. If something doesn't I just clean it. It is much easier to clean an odd dish now and then, then to rinse everything before it goes in.

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You're right, graywings, but it must be more of a curse than a blessing to have such delicate olfactory nerves. I am thankful that I am not that sensitive. How would one cope with the ordinary odors of the world? A flower would be too much to bear with such sensitivity. How could one kiss without smelling the other's breath?

I have finally realized that people who insist on rinsing will find any excuse at all to rinse, to he** with the rest of us (global warming, drought, etc.), no matter what their instruction manuals say regarding the issue. You can see from this thread that very few people rinse, but those rinsers will rinse till the very last drop of water is rinsed down the drain. Save your energy - it's useless to argue.


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I scrape my dishes into the garbage basket in my kitchen. My Whirlpool is supposed to be self-cleaning. We bought it in 2001, it's only 7 years old. But it's on the fritz for the second time. I have scheduled a repairman coming next week to look at it. The last fix required three home visits, a plumber twice, and a new motor. Wish me luck!

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I pre-rinse with and scrub with a brush! LOL DW won't let me run it unless it is packed to the max. Before I was married I would just run it every day with 3 things in it. If it was not working I would run to 7-11 for coffee as the dishwasher didn't work. I replaced every dishwasher with a Kitchen-Aid when they were made by Hobart. I also replaced the garbage disposal with a good 1 as I could not stand this cheap, non-functioning appliance. These were all rentals and they thought that I was nuts. This was in the Coppertone era and they installed the cheapest junk they could. I didn't care as I stayed in these places for years. I have strange coffee cups and they are footed. If I don't pre-rinse anything which is left on the plates are dried in the top of the footing when inverted in the top rack. It is just easier to pre-rinse than scrub these footed cups after the gunk is baked on after the drying cycle. This china is just the white plain Pickard for daily use. I have 3 sets of the more $ China. I grew up up where this is made in Antioch IL. My friends were able to buy it for me at their discount as they worked there. This china is on Air-Force 1. I do rinse but I can't see me scrubbing the footed bases.

If you don't pre-rinse it smells. I have a residential cleaning service and would take the dishes out of the sink where the kids left them and opened the DW to put the dishes in. It smelled like rotting flesh! Think John Gacy's crawlspace! This is gross and I could just hurl! I would not wash my dishes in this dishwasher unless I unloaded it and ran a cycle full of Clorox. I have no idea how people do this?! They only run it every 3 days. Their fridge is another thing!

I'll just keep brushing with full hot water flow.

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We have a new Miele and I have to rinse. It does not get the dishes clean. The forks are often not clean ( Has the silverware tray) and bowls are sometimes dirty. So I rinse. I know this should not happen and it is a irritation to wash things that come out of the dishwasher.

I use Cascade Complete which is formulated for today's dishwashers. And run the hot water before starting. I wash on the normal mode.

And my front loader washer is not easy on my clothes. It is Siemens, which is identical to the Bosch. The clothes get very clean but I do notice they are wearing out faster than with my old top loader. I use Persil and use ony a little coffee measure of soap. I bought the box ($65 and about the size of a giant cheerios box) in August of 2005 and I still have about a third of the box left.
Gets the clothes very clean.

So how come I am experiencing a double whammy with my new modern appliances? Harrumph! I like them anyway!

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Wow, I guess I have never used a decent dishwasher in all my years of doing dishes. I have never found one to get the dishes clean if they were not pre rinsed, and I have used Electrasol tabs for YEARS!

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Had to get in on this. I rinse dishes and pots before putting them in the Maytag dishwasher. However, I do not run water for a couple of minutes to get it hot. Here in Texas water is precious (and darned expensive) so I fill a dishpan with water, rinse the dishes in that, then take the dishpan to a needy plant or the compost pile. Clean dishes, happy plants, and the compost is pretty good, too!

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I do not pre-rinse. My mother used to practically wash the dishes spotless before putting them into the machine. I literally could almost not tell if they were clean or "dirty". Made no sense to me. Isn't a dishwasher intended to make things easier for us?

I don't run the dishwasher every day and I've never smelled anything coming from the dishwasher.

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Kind of off the subject but...Has anyone ever noticed a metallic-gamey smell that CLEAN dishes have once they have been through the dishwasher with anything that had egg on it? This has always bothered me and I was wondering if anyone else has ever noticed it.

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I'm amazed at some of the huffiness on this thread...

i prerinse if it's something i think won't come off. Things don't always come clean. I don't wait for the water to get hot. It's just DH and myself so it doesn't run everyday. This is a personal preference. We also have well water. Whatever works for you.

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I have a Kenmore Elite DW I bought in 2001 . I had some problems with it and called in a Sears repairman. He recomended I do two things: 1. Scrape dishes before loading them (not rinse them) and 2. wash the gasket once in a while. I use baking soda on a wet paper towel. It has improved my DW performance.

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I just rediscovered the "light" cycle. Used to use it all the time on our first Whirlpool, but for some reason started using "normal" when I got this one. Gave it a try (no pre-rinsing) and dishes and silverware are spotless.

I just don't understand these posts that things are not clean. I use 1 level scoop of Aldi's DW detergent, think Reva or something like that but any other powder worked as well, (except Sunlight). Can't help wondering if maybe the things not coming clean are loaded so water can't reach them? Sandy

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Here's my 2 cents:

I have had experience with 3 kinds of dishwashers:

1. A 5 year old Kenmore that came with house ex-H & I bought. Good machine.

2. A cheap, beat-up, low-end, forget-the-name that was about 10 years old in my post-divorce apartment.

3. A brand spankin' new whirlpool I got with the house I just bought.

The common theme:
Any dishwasher would/will clean unrinsed dishes if I fill & run the dishwasher within a day.

None of the dishwashers would/will clean well if I run it about once a week.

Once a week is my normal I do pre-rinse. The only time I don't pre-rinse is if I'm having people over & know the dishwasher will be full & ready to run right away...or it's the last meal before running the machine.

Doesn't matter the brand of detergent.

As for the coffee stains...yes, I get them because I let the cups sit in the machine for a week. I just do a spritz of bleach water in the cup before I put the cup in the washer.

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The people that rinse their dishes before putting them in the dish-machine do it for either one of 3 reasons.

1. They've never had a high-end or median-end dishwasher that actually cleans the dishes well.

2. They saw other people doing it and made it their bad habit from observing a bad habit.

3. They have a phobia of the dirty water splashing on their dishes.

The 3rd reason sounds really stupid but it happens to be the truth. How people justify this reason is beyond me. They just got through spreading every kind of junk over their dishes when they were eating, yet somehow dirty water splashing on them during the process of getting them cleaned bothers them? :\

Most dishes are made from clay or glass and get baked in 1200 degree ovens, and the glaze on them is probably from some type of dried and distilled petrochemical resin, so I doubt if dirty casserole water is going to hurt them. Besides, the bleach in the detergent, very high temperature water (140 to 155 degrees) and sani-rinse cycles of the machine take care of any bacteria worries. Dishes are built for toughness, with the exception of fine china. They're just a lot more susceptible to breakage.

I never rinse my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher and they come out shining like diamonds and spotless. My dishwasher has a fuzzy logic sensor on it. It will sense if the dishes need a pre-wash or not.

The fact is, putting soiled dishes in the dishwasher allows the detergent to work better cause it has something to stick to, instead of etching your dishes and possibly causing residue problems

Pre-rinsing your dishes before putting them in your dish machine wastes water, time, electricity, or if you have a gas water heater, it wastes gas. This is what the machine's rinse and hold cycle is for. If you don't like odors, use common sense and add baking soda to the bottom of the tub, or don't shut the door to the dishwasher all the way in-between washes

If you feel the need to rinse dishes before you put them in your dishwasher, your machine is not working properly, plain and simple, or perhaps your brain is not working properly.

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A Sears plumber/repairman said I should scrape dishes before loading them in the dishwasher, but not rinse them before. My Sears Kenmore DW was sold to me as having a food grinder inside, and was told when I bought it not to remove any food. Just load them and the DW would do the rest. I had a lot of problems and repairs till the first technician mentioned above gave me advice.

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I had a neighbor who told me her dishwasher wasn't getting her dishes clean. I asked her what she was using and she was using a gel.

I told her to use a tablet like Finish or Cascade, with the non phosphate detergents the gels and powders don't work very well, just the tablets. Yes, even the Cascade and Finish gels and powders aren't doing the job they used to. She switched and her dishes are coming clean again.

I do think it's a bit funny that some people wash their dishes before they load them. I think we have enough housework that REALLY needs to be done, why make extra work for ourselves!

I've noticed that people who worry about odor still wash them even if they are running the dishwasher right away, plus it's easy to push the rinse and hold button.

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The impeller on my daughter's Whirlpool gold series dishwasher broke after 15 months. The repairperson said that it might have broken because they do not rinse their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Any opnions on this? A repair will cost $250 which is half the price of the original dishwasher.

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I read an article in the newspaper that said you should not. Just scrap off the large pieces and leave the rest. It gives the cleaner something to cling to. I find my dishes are cleaner doingit that way.

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Happy, my dishwasher detergent box has two compartments, how would you use a tablet in it. Evidently there are two wash cycles???

AQ, my opinion is that he didn't know what he was talking about. My manual said if I heard a grinding noise it was just the the dishwasher's garbage disposal getting rid of the chunks.

My repair man said I was confusing my clothes washer. In some instances I don't pay any attention to them.

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No, we do not pre-rinse. We scrape off any debris and put them in. WHy waste the water and effort of rinsing?

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Would you draw a bathtub full of water, and let all the family member's use the same water? Its the same thing putting dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing them off. Your washing all your dishes in dirty water....
But according to the posts I've read their are a number of factors that contribute to the discussion.
It wastes water by rinsing dishes... Well is the water turned on full blast or just at a trickle?
The food on the dishes actually helps the detergent work better... Really? Thats like jumping into a mud pit, going inside and taking a shower while trying to lather up with the mud still on you? Does the soap work better?
One post read that the dishes sit in the dishwasher for awhile before the dishwasher is ran. So a response was to use the prerinse. Isn't this the same thing as rinsing before they go into the dishwasher?
By not prerinsing, food can and will clog into the sprayer jets, eventually.
Most people don't know what their hot water heater is set at, and it usually takes a minimum of 125 to start to break down food, and 160 degrees to dissolve food.
Not to mention that your dishwasher is usually filled with cold water because the of the draw from the water pipes doesn't heat up in time to get the hot water to the dishwasher.
So, in turn if your dishwasher has a heating element, it heats up the water, which is counter productive of the whole reasoning not to rinse your dishes.
How many people use the dryer selection to dry their dishes? Or do you just open up the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry? If you use the dryer selection on the dishwasher, You are using as much, if not more, energy then my prerinsing the dishes.....
But from what I read, if you aren't using the correct detergent then you've lost the game. Well, if the dishwasher is doing its job, then it shouldn't matter on what kind of detergent you use?

Moral of the story, rinse your dishes, check the temp of your hot water heater, prime the hot water before running your dishwasher, let your dishes air dry and you will actually save more energy.

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Your analogies of people in bathtubs and mud pits are flawed. With good, modern dishwashers, sufficiently hot water, and dishwasher detergent, dishes come clean without pre-rinsing.

Manufacturers of dishwashing detergent claim that the enzymes in the product work better when there is food on the dishes because the food residue activates the enzymes.

Residual food in the dishwasher doesn't clog the sprayer jets because the water goes through a filter before it goes into the jets.

Air drying dishes is not an option with the Bosch dishwashers.

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Graywings, As I stated before I have found that to be true. I do not rinse my dishes and they are getting cleaner. Even dried on eggs are removed. My dishes also set in the DW until I run out of flatware. That is probably 5 or 6 days or sooner if they smell. LOL

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