Revised 2 story house plan

CamGApril 28, 2012

Everyone, you were all so wonderful with helping my last version. I took a few days off thinking about the plan, and on a walk this morning, an idea hit.

In the previous plan, a section of house extended for the width of the garage behind it. This resulted in an inefficient building envelope. So, this time I extended the depth of the house appox. 3 feet. This allowed a longer, narrower kitchen, moving the dining room next to it, and then I filled the dining room with a very good sized mudroom, walk in pantry, and powder room. Previously I wanted a laundry room going outside with a dog door, so there would be a thermal barrier between the dog door and the rest of the house. However, I found a dual-panel dog door that installs in a wall, so hopefully it would not let as much air in from the outside.

I'm not posting the upstairs--it won't change much, except rooms will get deeper and I might be able to fit a small laundry room (although the downstairs laundry/mudroom is much more convenient now). I think the upstairs is pretty good and don't want to mess around with it until I like the downstairs.

Thoughts? Thanks again everyone!

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Oh, I like this a lot better, especially the way the kitchen/dining/great room flow together! The only thing I would change is to switch the sink and range...with more windows over the sink. Or, if you don't want to swap them, add a prep sink to the island. Nice spot for the desk, too! :)

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This works well for what you wanted to accomplish, especially connecting the garage and front entries without moving through carpeted areas. The only consideration I would suggest is adding a door from the mudroom into the pantry, so that you could move from garage, through pantry and into kitchen with groceries and the like.

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I'd put a double pocket door between the LR & GR.


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I like this a lot better. Make sure you know how you'll set up your w/d in the mudroom... (if they will be down there). ie, plan your traffic flow.

The suggestions above are good too.
And, great job recessing the fridge.

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Rough second story:

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I'd flip your Master closet door so that it opens against the solid wall, rather than against a rack of clothing.

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I like the plan overall.

I like the suggestion of pocket (glass) french doors from living room to great room and like the idea of a (pocket) door from mud room to pantry for hauling in groceries.

Might want to think about a pocket door on the master bathroom as well as it looks like it opens very close to the sink which wouldn't be good for anyone standing at that sink. :)

Think about a small window in the closet as well especially since you have a desk in there. And also a small window in the master bath probably in the tub or a skylight or solar tube. Window could let in light but not let in a view. :)

And I would line up the dining room window with the front door. Or add a 2nd window that lines up with it.

The door between Foyer and Living room I would make a pocket door so you could keep it open when you don't need to get away from noise and not have worry about keeping that wall space clear for the door swing.

MIght be able to save space on the 1/2 bath on the main by reworking where it and the desk are. Maybe think about having the 1/2 bath open into mudroom so it is more private entrance.. Might want to insulate it so you can't anyone when they are sitting on the golden throne.

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I played around with this plan some. Several people commented on better access to your kitchen/pantry. It was a bit of a weird path. I rotated some things. This puts the powder room with a more private entrance. It also puts your path from garage to kichen much simpler and moves the desk into a more private area.

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Cam- Are you sure you have enough distance/length, for your staircase? I thought most straight-run stairs were about 12' long, for an 8' ceiling, especially with a basement staircase underneath. Maybe I'm wrong (certainly not an expert) but you look like you have maybe 9' to 10' for yours...if the living room is 14' deep.

aa- I like the light in the bathroom, but I don't know about putting the desk, in with the laudry. I think the idea was to have it, in the kitchen. Otherwise, nice plan :)

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Excellent re-work by aa62579 above.

I'd also rework the main bath. Isolate the w.c. with the back toward the outside wall; linen closet opening to the room, not the w.c. Also, the width could be trimmed. Hard to tell with no scale.

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