Dishwasher smell...the little known culprit.....

pepfun1October 12, 2009

My dishwasher was so nasty smelling. During the wash or dry cycles I'd have this nasty funky, sorta fishy smell coming from the vent.

Asked my fil (retired repairman) what in the world it could be. Thought for sure I'd have to take my dishwasher apart and clean something and this is the tip he gave me:

open up, take out the bottom rack. Where the door hinge meets the machine body, take a scrub brush (in my case I had to use a scrapper) and check the inner lip down there inside the machine (in the body just below where it meets the door) and clean the built up gunk off. OMG!!! It was soooo nasty. Took a bit of scrubbing but it's gone and so is the smell. Talk about disgusting build up! Just thinking this might help someone on here before they end up tearing their machine apart.

Have a great week!


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There is another spot to check when things are really smelly...the water discharge pipe that goes into the garbage disposal. I was shocked at the gunk sticking around the hole and under the small lip of the disposal. My local hardware store had a product for the disposal that foamed and cleaned most of the gunk I hadn't gotten with my hand and paper toweling.

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When my dishwasher starts to smell, I buy a box of "Dip-It" powder cleaner usually used for coffee makers. Pour it into the DW soap dispensrer. there's enough in one box to run it 3-4 times. I find twice is plenty. Gets out most of the gunk and leaves a nice clean lemony smell behind.

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