Hate my new LG washer...been a couple months, though

greenhavenMay 31, 2014

Am I hosed? (No pun intended.)

I usually love LG appliances, but I hate my new front-load washer from LG. The gasket is complicated, catches everything piece of hay and dog hair and grass and whatever and is very hard to clean out, and last night there was definitive proof that the door gasket is, indeed, leaking. There was an actual puddle of water on the floor instead of the drips down the front that *could* be attributed to stuff dripping as the door is opened.

Plus, even though this is a new washer, clothes come out smelly funky no matter what soap I use, and the cycles are SOOOO long, even the quick wash cycle.

I am pretty sure I bought it Big Box (haven't located my receipt yet). I want a new (different) washer. Am I outta luck?

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Sophie Wheeler

Do you leave the door open and let it dry out after use? Wipe the boot? Do a true hot water wash (sanitize cycle) at least once per week? That's all it takes to maintain any washer. And shaking out the debris in your clothes before placing them in the machine. No washer is designed to deal with hay and large amounts of debris. That can become trapped in the rubber and affect it's seal, causing leaking. It can also damage it over time. It would be considered abuse rather than normal wear and tear.

Your machine should be covered under warranty for repair, but any repairmen will just tell you what I just did, and then charge you for the serivice call since abuse isn't covered under te warranty. Buyer's remorse isn't covered by any warranty either. Craigslist takes care of that. Or learn to adapt your washing habits.

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I hear what you are saying, hollysprings, thanks. I want to clarify that we maintain washer properly, always leave door open to dry and don't throw handfuls of hay in the load. ;0) But it is a rough and tumble lifestyle we lead and I have never had such problems with any washer, front-load or otherwise.

I was pretty sure my options were limited nut wanted to be sure before before taking a big loss on it.

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We've had an LG steam washer and dryer set for well over a year now and have been very happy with them. We have dogs and kids and plenty of dirt. Yes, I occasionally have to clean the gasket, but not all the time.

Sorry you've not had a good experience. I know how frustrating that is and I'm not here to try and change your mind or tell you you're wrong about how you feel. My only concrete suggestion is to make sure that you absolutely do the tub clean cycle AT LEAST once a month. I use a formulated HE tub cleaner (Tide or Affresh) as well, but I think you can also just use some bleach. It really is important. If you haven't done it in a while, or ever, run a couple back-to-back and see if that gets you closer to a happy place.

My previous Kenmore front loader didn't have a tub clean cycle and I kind of thought it wasn't that important, but when our LG was new--like less than six weeks old--we had a small leak and shutdown of the unit with an error message. When I called LG freaking out about my very expensive new unit's leaking, they advised running a tub clean cycle. I thought, 'What will that do?' and figured it was just a silly hoop to jump through before they'd send someone to look at it. Well, I did it and, even without a cleaning aid, it solved whatever the issue was. I've been diligent about running tub clean monthly ever since and haven't had another problem (knock wood).

Another little hint, is that any front loader can increase the changes of mildew, simply because they seal so completely. (This is assuming it's your first front loader and if it's not, I apologize if this comes off as pedantic.)

There was a bit of learning curve for us with our Kenmore and I ended up ruining a load of clothes that sat a bit too long (not overnight but, apparently, long enough). Now, anytime we forget to transfer laundry right away (a.k.a. leaving it sit in washer for more than 2-3 hours), I run it again on the express cycle and then put immediately into the dryer and there's never an issue. Especially in summer, and even more so if you live in a humid climate, the margin for mildew error on a front vs a top loader is a much shorter window.

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if you purchased it from Lowes or home Depot they should take it back.

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Applnut your post was very helpful and not at all pedantic! Not our first front-loader, but our last one was and we had a pretty steep learnimg curve on that one. I loved that machine (was it a Whirlpool?) but had a bearing go out and was as much to repair as replace.

I run a hot water wash fairly regularly, and bleach a white load once a week or every two weks. but I have not run an actual tub cleaner through it so will do that next. Not convinced it will change a leaky door gasket but I am willing to do my due diligence before losing money.

If that doesn't work then I hope shaking is right in that my supplier will help me find a solution. Tomorrow I will photograph the door and gasket (boot?) so maybe I can gain the right vocabulary when referring to my issues.

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Run the tub clean cycle with bleach or machine wash only, at least twice. The washer should be completely empty. Prior to the cycle I usually take a wet rag and wipe off the door window interior, which can get a little gunk line where it connects to the seal, and all around the interior of the gasket, making sure to get under the lip.

Both Tide and Affresh make washing machine cleaner designed for these cycles. I use them because they're not terribly expensive, when used only month, and supposedly contain some enzymes, etc. to help.

I, too, was doubtful it would help, but since I did it, and have kept going it once a month, I've had no more issues.

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Using chlorine bleach on a weekly washload goes a long way to helping avoid mildew ... but running the machine clean cycle monthly is still a good idea being as it (probably) fills to a higher level and (probably) spins at a moderate speed with the water to slosh it around the tub for dislodging lint and other gookus.

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Always surprised when i hear this. I've had mine about 5-6 yrs and its the best i've ever had. Finally clean clothes and we play dirty! Garden, dogs, and all.
Not sure if i have a 'tub clean' cycle.
I do use 'sanitary' often for bedding. And use plain vinegar in the bleach container...never use bleach but once every few months/2-3 times a year maybe.

Maybe read your manual again to make sure you are getting the full use of its cycles. Before calling for assistance or returning. Check the washer filter, not the dryer one...it may be clogged or may even have installation packaging...
Something is terribly wrong if it is not washing properly...

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greenhaven- i too do not like my lg washer(3years old?) i always find hair, lint, etc in the gasket. i leave the door open when not in use and the gasket still gets gross. basically never again on front loaders however my one piece of advice is for months i found a puddle under the machine after a wash. i thought it was a weird front loader thing but it turns out the gasket had a hole and had to be replaced. guess what, it came that way! yours too may have a defective gasket.

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Huh. More interesting info! Have had company so pics dropped off the radar. Wish I had gotten another Whirlpool.

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I hear you! We have a Samsung front loader and it too has the stinky smell. The big problem is that with all the new regs on water use, we dont have enough water moving inside our DW or LW tubs. You can go online and look for videos on how to release this knob to allow more water to flow into your washer. It has helped my wash become cleaner and less stinky, although I still will throw a bucket or 2 extra in for difficult loads. And if anyone wants this and has the 'old fashioned top loader' Ill be glad to make the trade.

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A properly maintained front load washer should not smell, period. If you have one with an odor, there is something wrong. You've got mildew somewhere, most likely in the door gasket. There's either gunk, damage or something stuck, somewhere (I see children's socks in the gasket lip as frequent culprits mentioned here) causing the odor. If it's not the gasket, it could be a clogged drain or other issue that needs repair/attention. But, just like with a traditional washer, there shouldn't be an odor. Period.

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We went through a couple of front loaders which all stank despite regular bleaching and doing various ritual dances to keep them clean. They also took an hour and a half to do a load of wash. Our current house came with a ca. 1970 Kenmore top loader. The wash is done in 20-25 min, clothes come out perfectly clean and never an odor problem. If the washing machine market continues in this direction I suspect there will be a strong underground market in refurbished old machines, or washers made in Kazakhstan to similar specifications and smuggled into the country. Life is too short to have to fuss with your washing machine.

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My front loader does as good if not better a job as my old top loader, uses a fifth of the water, has a much greater spin speed, leading to much less dryer time, and I haven't had any issues with mold or smells. I haven't run a single sanitize or tub clean cycle, all I do is leave the door open after the cycle. In previous houses I've also had front loaders, including the infamous Maytag Neptune, and they've done great also. Front loaders are not new. Practically the rest of the world uses them, as well as laundromats. If there were something inherently wrong with the technology, they wouldn't have that kind of market saturation.

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Agree with "hvtech42" ... I'd never go back to a top loader. The wash time may be longer, but the dry time is cut in half due to the more efficient spin cycle and my clothes are not only cleaner, but it's gentler on them. I also do less laundry with our front loader than I did with our top, because more fits and still gets clean. Based on owning the same laundry baskets then and now, I can safely say I can fit twice as many clothes in our current LG as I could our old top loader. For me a longer wash time trade off is well worth it. (Oh, and it also has a speed cycle, if you need it, which runs just 25-35 minutes.)

The water savings, particularly since we live in a place where water can be pricey, is also nice, not to mention better for the world.

I also don't find running an occasional clean cycle with an empty washer particularly taxing, or fussy, but those things are, I know, in the eye of the beholder. (All major appliances require some level of basic maintenance though, to keep running smoothly.)

As for longevity, our original front loader, a Kenmore HEt2, lasted a decade, which was at least the equal of our previous top loader. In fact, it's still working at a friend's who took it over and did the $400 repair it needed.

For us, one of the biggest benefits is that we can easily wash very large items, like our king size comforters, without fear of tearing or damage. Our old top loader did in 3-4 expensive comforters over the years, to the point we actually paid $10-$15 a time to professionally launder them which was not only expensive but a major PITA. On that qualification alone, the top loaders have paid for themselves time and again.

This isn't to say that those who adore their top loaders are wrong, but I'd hardly say front loaders are a failed product either.

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I love every reason to have a front-loader: water-usage, high-speed spin that equals shorter dry times, large capacity....it has been *very* nice over the years to be able to wash quilts and comforters at home.

Company is going home today so I am going to do pay more attention to the washer today, look for leaks, run a tub cleaner, etc. I still strongly suspect a change to a different brand, this washer has been a disappointment on too many fronts.

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