stall shower's curb is not slanted, worth redoing it?

janesylviaMay 7, 2013

The person from glass shop said my shower stall's curb is level, and not slanted. To prevent water leaking from curb, I might need to have a metal beam installed on the curb beneath the swinging shower door (not under the fixed panel). I'll have frameless shower door, two panels.

I found on the internet that the curb should be slanted to the shower by 5 degrees. Is it worth redoing the curb?

I also found the middle strip in the recessed niche for shampoo is also level and not slanted towards outside. Is it fine?

Thank you very much.

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I would want the curb redone to avoid the metal piece. The shelf I wouldn't be that concerned about.

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5 degrees seems a bit much. That is 1/2" for a 6" curb, or 1 inch per foot. This is about 2x-4x the shower floor slope.

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Mine are not slanted either (the curb or niche shelves). I didn't know they were supposed to be. Are all of GW showers' slanted in these ways?

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threeapples - They are slanted so the water runs off into the shower. The granite on our shower curb was originally installed level and it was redone so it has the proper slant. We had no problem with our tile setters. Our problem was the granite installers.

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If you shower is large enough so that the water doesn't directly hit the door it's not so much of a problem. The recommendation is 1/4"-1/2" per foot so in a 4-1/2 inch curb you are talking a little more than 1/16" of an inch drop.

Also if the door is framed its not usually a problem.

I've also seen clear soft silicone flanges applied to the bottom of frameless glass doors to create a drip edge inside the shower.

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Thank you so much for all your help.

Dekeoboe, thanks for sharing your experience. Approximately how much slope do you have?

Palimpsest, thank you very much for your detailed information. I measured the curb. The outside height is 4 7/8", the inside is 3.5", and the width is 4 3/8". So is it still a little more than 1/16" of an drop?

The shower door installer will put a vinyl strip at the bottom of the frameless glass door. They are just afraid it might not be enough. It's a very small shower stall of only 33" x 33". That's why I concerned about its potential of leaking underneath the vinyl strip beneath the door if water is too much. The shower head is not on the opposite wall of the shower doors (two panels).

If it's just 1/16" drop and requires quite much work, may it fine without redoing it? Please see the attached picture. The 23" bullnoses on the edge need to be special ordered in Porcelanosa. It takes about 3-4 business days and costs $50 per piece.

Really appreciate all your help.

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Its hard to say that you have any drop because the inside and outside floor are probably different. If you put a level on it and the bubble is in the middle, it's level. And this is probably how they checked.

Where will the door sit in relation to the curb and will the plastic flange direct the water to the shower side of the curb or the shower floor?

I would pour a small amount of water on it now and see what happens to it.

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Thank you very much, palimpsest.

Yes. The level placed on the curb shows the bubble is in the middle.

The door is going to sit on the curb, and the plastic flange will direct the water to the shower side.

I will pour some water to the curb and see how it goes. Most probably it will sit on the curb since the curb is level.

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General procedure is that ANY horizontal surface in a, niches, curb be slanted toward the drain. Doesn't need as much slope as the floor, but water should not collect there. You can try it with the door in, but if it puddles there, I would be concerned.

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