Need to oust pet urine scent under carpet

annova914October 7, 2009

We are getting new carpeting installed to replace carpet that's been in our house probably through two previous families. Someone must have had an animal (chew marks seen on windowsill) because our cat walked into a room I use for ironing and urinated in several areas and then defecated in another. Since then, we've kept the door to that room closed but she also urinated just outside the door right after that so we put a plastic mat over the area. So...what can I do when the installers rip up the old carpeting in that area? At the carpet store someone mentioned a product called Kilz but when I looked it up it says it's a sealant and paint. Thanks!

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Yes, Kilz is a sealant and paint. If the urine soaked through the carpet and pad onto the floorboards, the idea of the Kilz is to paint the floorboards and seal the odor in the boards. You also need to find out whether the baseboards and lower areas of the walls have been sprayed. You use a blacklight to detect it - sold at pet stores.

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Kilz is a good product to cover stains on walls before painting but to seal pet odors in floors you must use spar varnish.

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What is spar varnish? Is it clear? Can I spray it on the floorboards and baseboards? Does it take a long time to dry? Thanks. (and thanks to graywings for info' on Kilz).

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I had a bad situation in my master closet with pet urine and vomit in the carpet padding (sick pet, kept climbing into the darkest corner and letting loose.) I tried every product under the sun to get the odor out - various pet odor solutions, Nature's Miracle, etc, and NOTHING worked. It still reeked.

Then I remembered my "skunk potion". We live in skunk central, so I keep the ingredients on hand to shampoo the dogs if one of them gets sprayed in the spring. I know for a fact that it completely disappears even horrible skunk spray, so I figured what the heck, I'll try it. Pee can't be worse than skunk, right?

It worked, though I had to do it twice for carpet padding. The odor is completely gone. I poured it on and just let it sit for about an hour or 2, soak in really good, then steam cleaned it back out. Here's the recipe:

I 32 oz bottle hydrogen peroxide (fresh and unopened is best)
1/2 cup baking soda
1 tsp dishwashing soap (Dawn, Ivory, whatever)

It will foam up, and has to be used immediately - it can't be stored. You may want to try this before you go painting or varnishing an entire floor.

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Hi mjintx: I guess I mislead in my subject line. By the "scent" I meant what the cat detected from a previous owner's cat or dog because she went to certain areas around the room and urinated and then defecated in one area (marking her territory). After that we kept the door closed. She then urinated just outside the door to that room in different areas of a little recessed section of the hallway (we put a plastic mat on it and haven't take it off yet). Sorry about that :) but thanks for your info'.

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We recently replaced the carpeting in our upstairs bedrooms with hardwood. We also have 4 small dogs who had made "mistakes" on the carpet. Before our installers put down the wood floor, they painted with oil-based paint over the urine stains on the slab so that the little brats wouldn't be able to smell the old spots. HTH.

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Thanks everyone. My husband bought the spar varnish and plans to use that on the baseboards and in areas where our cat made her "marks" years ago, before the new carpeting is installed.

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