What Kind of Pest Control Does Every Household Use?

chuehOctober 26, 2012

When I lived in rental apartments, every month or so a pest control person would come and spray the non-smell "stuff" through the tiny tubes.

I have seen some store owners hiring the same type of pest control guys doing the same.

I would like to ask "what your method of pest control is" for a typical household? I have been a pro-life person, so I never wanted to use any means to kill any lives. I have always use cups to catch insects and the sorts indoors and release them outdoors. I know that they are disgusting and BAD to human eyes, but as far as I am concerned they ARE lives.

I don't really want to use any "contact" kind of pest control spray or kill any pests, but try to prevent pests and insects coming to my house. The reason why I am starting to think about using a method to prevent them is that they have been coming in to my house too frequently now. I have to say that my house is pretty clean and neat, yet scorpions, centipede, and spiders have been found in my house. I don't want to kill these fearsome creatures yet I am afraid of them.

1. What's the pest control method you use?

2. Any suggestion of pest control method for me?


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Citronella Candles work for me. Everyone has used them outdoors against mosquitoes, but I burn them inside. Not all the time, maybe once a month. They are the only insect deterrent recommended by the US govt FDA and Dept of Agriculture. Non toxic to humans,plants and pets. I find the smell rather pleasant, lemony. I burn a candle once in a while, followed by opening the windows wide. I know others may find the smoke and fumes uinpleasant.I do this because I have a hate/fear thing going with spiders. Yes they seem to avoid my citronella scented house!

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I haven't used a pesticide since 1996 when I cut off all unnecessary toxins. I concentrate on controlling the environment so that they do not want to come in. My entire property is organic and the natural controls and predators do come back once you cease all the chemicals. Mother nature knows how to keep things under control.
I do not have bugs, either- the occasional fly gets in or I find a spider but that's it. No need to be poisoning my home.

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I am a gardener, and I have always had organic gardens. I am a green person. However, both my husband and I think that bugs come because the organic matters I have used. We found roaches come from the cotton seed meal bags, and so forth in the garage. We love our yards, with ranges of different lives, a lot of birds, bees, butterflies, dragon flies, lizards, ladybugs, frogs, and all the bad ones too.....

We live in a suburban, but my mom describe it as country. She has been a city person, so she sees it as country surrounded by even little woods. Maybe that's why my home is different than yours with organic approach???

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I don't use pesticides in my home or outside except for termite control. I keep boxes to a minimum and move things and vacuum often. No problems.

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Spiders love to hide in stacked up papers and other human debris. I had a pile of grocery-store carryout bags (plastic) in a corner of my kitchen. Hubby "bugged" me about the pile. One day I started grabbing plastic bags and stuffing them inside each other, to minimize the stack. Apparently a Big Old Spider liked the pile of plastic bags. I disturbed him/her and he/she lunged at me. Or maybe he/she was scared and just started running. In any case, I was terrified and have never allowed a pile of bags to get started since that experience.

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Have you ever tried hedge balls (also known as osage oranges)? Organic and deter spiders and other bug vermin! Have also heard they repel mice but don't know about that.

They are available in the fall, I just purchased some last week. They keep for one year.


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Hedge balls worked for me regarding crickets, but spiders would sit on them.

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A 32 lb curious indoor only Maine Coon cat named Rocky. I live in the country on 8 acres and any critter or bug that mistakenly gets into my house becomes his next play thing and snack!

The only bugs we have any problem with are ticks in our woods during the spring and early summer. My dog is on Frontline Plus, which solves the problem for the most part. We do not generally have any problem with fleas either,

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