Help- refrigerator and double oven handles need to match !!

jean61May 14, 2013

I thought I had this crap figured out! I want a Icon Pro handle double oven--so I thought I could get a standard depth Electrolux EI28b56KS refrigerator and buy the Icon Pro Handles....but just spoke with Electrolux and they say they ARE NOT inter-changeable with any of their refrigerators-- handles can Not be changed out!!!!

Now what??

I really want the handles to match. What brand has a good double oven and refrigerator??


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If you buy a paneled fridge, you can do that.
I have the Elux Icon Designer oven & Speed oven, but I also have a Jenn-air 48" paneled fridge, and I have the Elux designer handles on it.


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Thanks...but I am trying to get a 36" regular depth refrigerator and not a counter depth-- I may not be searching correctly but not sure I have any options for full depth and panel ready.

I am thinking I may not get the Electrolux ovens now? :(

And maybe look at GE Monogram or Thermador or Viking?
But the price may eliminate those options?
Can anything be easy when buying appliances?????

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Personally I don't think you should base your buying decisions on the handles of these appliances. I say get the best appliance in a category that you can afford and fits your needs. The looks of almost all of these units are very close and you most likely won't even notice the handles once you are using it.

On the other hand if you get lesser appliances just to make the handles match you might, and in my opinion most likely will, regret the lack of performance in the lesser units.

That is not to say you can't get both, but after having just finished a full kitchen remodel around Xmas of last year if I had to narrow down my choices of appliances to the types of handles I am not sure I would have even done the remodel as that is just way to limiting. Again this is all just my opinion and if you have good reasons for it then you should always do what is right for you.

Best of Luck,

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I sympathise completely. It won't help you, but our new kitchen was set up for no handles at all. Even the microwave doesn't have one. The wall oven, the fridge, the freezer and the dishwasher were the exceptions. Fortunately, Gaggenau had matching handles for all.

phil, we made our buying decisions on handles and they sure aren't 'lesser'.

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What Phil said.

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I think you are spending too much time on handles, and too little time on choosing a good appliance. None of the appliances in my last 2 kitchen renovations have had matching handles, and I cannot even recall what the handles look like. I am on my 3rd kitchen reno, and I will not be giving the handles on my new appliance purchases a moment of thought.

Matchy-matchy appliances are dated. Mainly because mass real estate developers have burned into our consciousness the image of tens of thousands of cookie-cutter kitchens with all matching appliances bought by the truckload. Get the appliances you like, and don't worry about the handles.

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Sophie Wheeler

No maker does best in class in everything. You will always "settle" for lesser performance if the appearance is more important than the functionality. If you cook, then select the best appliance for the job, handles be damned. If you don't cook, at least be sure you use standard sized appliances so when one of them craps out it can be easily replaced.

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I have multiple appliance brands in our house. None of the handles are a perfect match an no one has ever said - yuck! Everyone ogles on the kitchen and the appliance choices. Here is the run with an Elux fridge, Wolf oven, and GE speed oven. Buy what you want and enjoy the function.

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To me, (folks that shop like a2gemini did, and in fact probably the majority of Garden Web Posters) demonstrate that a lot of "Thought processes" went into the design of their kitchens, particularly their appliances.

For those of us, "In the know" (LOL), if we see "Matching appliances, we "PROBABLY" think to ourselves, OH DERN, some "Hot Shot Sales Person" got the better of that poor buyer".

I'm "Guilty as Sin" in buying "Form over Function". I bought a very fancy 36" semi circle smooth electric cook top. A vary expensive one, and can you imagine the cost of cutting a "Perfect 36" semi circle into a granite counter", Well granite company cut it perfect , It looked Fabulous, but the cook top was dead and in the junk pile in less than 2 years and I'm stuck with a big half circle in my granite.

My "Only Excuse" is , "I had not discovered Garden Web Yet".

Thanks to them, all has been fixed, I have a "rectangular induction cook top, which we love.

So our goal here is to save you from some of the mistakes some of us here have made!

Good luck on your hunt!


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Hey guys and girls, thanks for your comments....and I totally understand . I feel have I given a great deal of thought regarding my appliances & choices.
I was going to go with the Electrolux Icon Wave Touch double oven. Price is decent and it gets good reviews. I hear that the self cleaning in almost all the double ovens can be touchy and I am installing it in a deep cabinet to help with air in the back so I hope that helps that problem. However, I LOVE the look of the viking/thermadore professional series and would Love to have those over the Wave-touch--but I hear the wavetouch is a great buy and great oven??? The refrigerator I wanted standard depth for interior space and the location will be within 2 inches of the ovens-- NOT ideal I know to put a oven beside a refrigerator. -- but that's where it's going and why I wanted matching handles--but I know that's not going to happen with the ICON. My rangetop is a thermadore 6 burner. Hood a modernaire ps33-42 stainless. My DW - Bosch 800 plus - i think or KA. and undercounter will be a marvel-- but perlicks has caught my eye. So I don't think I am going by looks along.

I was going to go with a Samsung refrigerator vs the Electrolux because I hear Samsung is better...Does anyone have any thoughts on the Electrolux full size refrigerators? (I know the handles won't match)

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