Bathroom - your opinion closet or leave open

jaynes123_gwMay 15, 2014

New build, house is framed home and need to decide on corner of purposely spaciously large master bath as need to finalize custom vanity, whether to finish end if corner kept open or not finished, if closet in corner. Decision to be purely aesthetic - storage is nice but got plenty, and while convenient but my priority is shallow. I want a big, beautiful bathroom and not sure which corner works best with layout

Note floorplan each square tile is one foot (although will be wood) so as can see, original plan had 12 foot long vanity and center was intended as sitdown makeup area

I do NOT want that nor do I want want vanity split in any way. Want shower and vanity across from each other as core of bathroom. When pulled vanity from window to 8ft, leaves 4 ft area.

Wondering whether will look better open or as closet.

LINEN CLOSET - One thought was build it out as linen closet to balance with one on wall oppposite of it. Not hurting for storage with clothes closet behind vanityt that will have storage shelves (we have minimal clothes for closet)

OPEN - Another was to leave it empty and if so, would you put chair (love bathroom seating), plants, bench, something else. Definitely got large art prints Im trying to find walls for (walls of windows in living / dining).

The area is basically not needed.
Definitely wanting to choose based on how that corner will look best considering the rest of bathroom layout. Appreciate opinions ...

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Here is two attempts of how I see walls looking (coastal, blue navy, white cabinets, wood floors).

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I like the open area much better. If you don't need the storage especially. I like the balance with the chair. The closet looks heavy. I think that chair is very nice.

BTW, would you consider putting a little "gazing window" in the toilet room, so you can see out? I think it would be very peaceful like the other window elements in you plan.

When I did my vanity open on each side like yours, I had a toe kick put in on the sides too. I would want your vanity finished at the bottom like your front, how ever that is to be. I really dislike my kitchen cabinet that is exposed on the side. While I have a lovely panel on the side, the bottom just runs down to the floor looking somewhat ill planned. I know it is often done but I like my wood work to look more custom than that. Here is my vanity with the finished toe kick. Mine looks like it floats because there are no "legs". If I was going to have legs, the sides would look like the front in detail - top to bottom.

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GOOD POINT on the side panel toe-kick - what a nice polished look that created and great that you thought of it (& passed it on :D) beforehand!

Maybe not clear window but like idea of "a" window, maybe frosted, as otherwise dependent on sole bulb inside and plenty of natural light to share. I wasnt exaggerating on windows (see attached LOL).

We're rebuilding post hurricane Sandy. Read a thread on regrets, a builder mentioned client too crazy on natural light ended up with little wall space - yup, but walking thru the framed House O Windows, no regrets. Plus being elevated, we're not really on display as might have been at ground level.

Appreciate your opinion and suggestions!

Thank you for input.

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Its a double lot so long and purposely positioned social (liv/ din / kitch) at one end, our master bath / bed at opposite so our private half of house. Dont expect any will see our bath except us although now during construction, know comes thru without questioning the proportion of bath in proportion to rest of house.

Ive always loved idea of wide open bathroom and ironically, prior house master bath was tiniest ive ever seen. Maybe 3ft deep, no joke, few inches on each side of toilet to the right and on sides of sink to left (had to enter at center to foot between them, to shower walk thru living room to other bath ?!)

Might sound like im overcompensating but Ive just always loved idea of wide airy oversized master bath.

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Oh, I see, your toilet has all interior walls, I guess a window to look out side won't work.

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I don't understand the need for a bench, an ottoman AND a chair. How many people do you plan to entertain in this bath?

I like the original plan, with the vanity in between. I wouldn't break it up, but have the counter the same height right across. I never have enough room for my makeup and hair products. :) Or perhaps bring the sinks closer together with more space on the ends?

Second choice is the extra linen closet.

I like the wall of cabinets, rather than having 2 extra corners to have to clean.

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I think it would bother me , given the nearly symmetrical arrangement, that the vanity and shower are slightly offset from each other and slightly different lengths. I would want to create a balanced arrangement with the entry vs. toilet area, the vanity vs. The shower, and either paired closets or closet vs. Open space at the end.

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ineffablespace - thats what I was shooring for - the toilet and indent to clothes closet are already balanced. I want the vanity to "mirror" the shower to be the core of the bathroom. Its more obvious from this ariel view then when youre in it though so while showers 7ft, and linen 5ft, think 8ft vanitys close enough.

Amber, dont know what youve heard but guests are not allowed in our quarters :D! The original combo vanity is 13ft long - initially my idea until but now in person can see it will be too crazy long. The ottomans part of the 10feet between shower vanity and will be 6ft away from seating under the window. A chair with the bench was just an option to create a sitting area - appreciate your thought preferring the closet as trying to get thoughts on which would look better. Still torn between the two.

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I just noticed something about your toilet. It has an in-swinging door. That might not meet code. If it does, it is still a dangerous situation. If someone passed out in there, they would block the door from opening, and help could not get in. In the hospital I work at the doors have a latch and hinge set so that the doors can open either in or out for safety. A pocket door would work if the toilet was pivoted 90 degrees, so that the bowl or tank of the toilet faced the shower, the shower moved down a bit, and the linen closet at the end of the shower moved to the toilet room wall, to make up the extra width that the shower will take up. The toilet will need to have 36" min interior width for best function, and that would leave about 24" in depth, a perfect depth for a wall closet, to balance the wall with the shower depth. Next the door could be pocket and slide behind the closet area.

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You could also put the toilet room where the linen closet is and the linen closet where the toilet room is.

Right now, besides the inswinging door, (which is probably so close to the toilet that it will be uncomfortable opening and closing it.), the door to the bedroom also conflicts with the toilet room so you will have to completely close the bedroom door (or nearly) to get into the toilet room. This cancels out the convenience of having it closer to the bedroom, rather than at the end of the bathroom.

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The house is already framed, the plumbing done so cant move where toilet will be located but I hadnt noticed how the door / toilet will be - yikes!

Thanks for pointing out, I will bring this up with contractor about it - looks like if you enter, you block the door from closing.

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Can you make just one entry into your closet? Get rid of the door going into the closet from the bedroom and the angled corner in the bedroom. Then move your door from the bedroom going into into the bathroom down a foot towards the closet and make it a pocket door. That allows better entry into the toilet room and still gives you a wall (about 10 feet) to put a piece of furniture on in your bedroom.
I think entering the closet from the bathroom might even be better.

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Yes, the easiest thing to move would be the bedroom door. Even if you keep the separate closet entry I would put the entry to the bathroom down at that end.

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