Show me your 5x8 shower or anything close.

ILoveRedMay 24, 2014

I have never had a large shower. We are designing a new home and I'm trying to visualize a shower this size. No help from Houzz or google.

Please show me your large shower with measurements.

Thank you.

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I found a photo of one that might help (it's not mine).

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That shower is a good size for bathing a horse. If I had a gigantic shower like that, I'd want shower heads all the way down the length of it so I wouldn't have to stand (or sit) there shivering.

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This is ours. It's 3x6, I think.

We found a picture we sort of liked on Houzz, and then took it and our accent tiles to the tile designer. He designed the actual shower to fit our size requirements and also fit in a tile bench (out of sight). This shower, btw, is one of my favorite parts of our house!

It does seem too large, though. Even though it's an open shower (no door), it could easily be smaller - probably 3 x 4.5 - and not have water spraying outside. It'd be warmer, too, and a better use of space...ahh, well - our cat likes to sit at the end - out of range of the water - and keep me company!

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To visualize this size...

Many small family homes have a BATHROOM that is 5x7 or 5x8...

Did you really mean 5x8 shower?

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Mine is 3'9" x 7' and big enough. Ours is not as drafty because it is mostly enclosed, the only opening is above the door. It has an awning window and bench at one end.

The only thing we don't like is the very dark green and red tiles done by the previous owners, which make the shower dark ... luckily the GC is showing up soon to gut and replace with pretty marble-look porcelain, which will completely change the look and feel of the space.

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We had a pretty big shower in our previous home - about 6 x 3-1/2. Two of us showered concurrently most days. I simply can't imagine what one would do with a 5 x 8 shower.

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Thanks Jewell...that's a beautiful shower. And oh my, that chandelier!

Jelly toast... Nope, not planning on bathing any horses ;-)

Gladys...I love your shower. And the mural. The shape is ingenious. That is a great shower.

Kirkhall...i really did mean a 5x8 shower. I gave this pic (below) to my architect and this is what he came up with. I don't know the size of this shower.... I am a nurse. I want to be able to roll someone in there and shower them without being crowded. I had my mom for 8 weeks after a bad fall and showered her in my tiny shower in my bathing suit. I couldn't put her in there alone, so we were both in there, lol. I want a big shower that still looks good that will accomodate a person and a caregiver. The shower should probably be curb less. I have a lot of homework to do.

I know they have much smaller showers in the hospitals and in rehab facilities that accomodate wcs. But in reality most of the time the water ends up out of the shower and all over the floor to be mopped up when the shower is done. I'm trying to avoid that, but still have a nice looking non-institutional looking shower.

Chispa--sounds like a great size. Do you have a pic?

Shockley....thanks :-)

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The wheel chair shower looks like it is 8'x8' with the front corner clipped. I'm assuming those are 12"x12" tiles. If that is the case, if you drew a line all the way across, in front of the wheels, that would be the size of my shower (3'9"x7'), so that size wouldn't work for your needs. Have you googled ADA showers?

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Yes...I did a gut remodel on an office space. Just recently completed.

I wanted to put a shower in the bathroom and the whole bathroom had to be ADA compliant. So, the shower meets the minimum requirements for accessibility to meet code.

It is really not much better than my home shower as far as trying to bathe a handicapped person. I couldn't put a door on it. So the minimum requirements are pretty small. Too small for a wc almost. And water would go everywhere.

You think that one is 8 x 8. !?

Mine is 5x8 with a 36" opening. That opening on the pic is huge. I hadn't noticed. I wanted to have the option of putting on a door if I choose to.

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Ours is still not done, glass walls are going where you see the measurements. Will be a doorless walk in.
Will have a rain head as well as a handheld.
This space previously had a corner jacuzzi tub that we did not use.

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Very nice Art. Functional and attractive. I noticed that you have a curb less entry. May I ask how wide it is?

Where will your handheld be mounted? What material is used on your curb less entry?


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The entry is about 30" and it was made by two 3/4 inch pieces of the same marble as the curb and bench top. The two pieces were glued together by the fabricator and them cut on a slant to bring the existing floor up to the 1 1/2" height that was necessary for the slope down to the drain.
The handheld will be mounted on the same rail that the rain shower head uses and it is about a foot to the left of the hole you see cut out of the tile for the hot/cold etc. the pipe for the shower head was too hight and did not fit in the picture.
The material for the saddle, curb top and bench seat top is the same marble as our existing floor, except that it is not tumbled. We liked our existing floor so the shower was planned to fit in.

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Take a look at the shower in my link. I googled ADA showers and many look like they fit a wheelchair, but are open on the long side for a caregiver to help, if needed. Most look like there will be water that will get out of the enclosure if the caregiver is helping.

The photo at the link looks very nice, but I think you would still get wet if you had to help. With the glass and door, at least the water would stay in the enclosure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Demand design

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Here you can see where the fixtures will go

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I think the key to keep helpers dry while showering is a hand held detachable shower head.

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Thanks Chispa...for posting the pic and the link. Good reading. I hadn't thought of searching for google images of "ada showers". The one below is exactly what was in the room my mom was in a few weeks ago after a recent fall which required hospitalization and rehab. She was never showered and NEEDED it. So I started doing it and each time the floor was flooded and by gosh I let housekeeping clean it up. No way to keep the water in. And no way to keep yourself dry..even using the handheld. Often these showers are used to store equipment. The rehab facilities tend to have better showers. Thank you for helping me out here.

Art...I just noticed your floor. It looks like pebbles. How cool. Very nice.

Jewel...I agree. Can't imagine any shower without a handheld. Take the water where you need it.

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Ours is 4x7 with no door. The seat takes up 1' of that space. We lost the battle with the builder on the curbless entry. We very rarely have splash out issues even at the pony wall. A wheel chair can be pushed in for showering and then backed out. A handheld shower is a must for someone in a wheel chair or needing to sit on a bench/stool.

My parents have an ADA compliant shower sized 5x6 with curbless entry and 4' wide doorway without a door. Splash out is not an issue for them either.

Many people ask if its drafty or cold without a door and the answer is no. Basically when you have a curtain or door in place it blocks the flow of the hotter air caused by the hot water and keeps it in the enclosed space. When you then open the curtain/door you get cold because the air outside the enclosure is colder than the hot air inside the enclosure. When you don't have a door at all the entire room heats up vs just the showering enclosure, so there is no rapid temperature change experienced by your skin giving you that drafty/cold feeling.

Hope this helps!

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I'm in the process of doing a 12x8 shower. It is a steam shower with a bench long enough to lay on. Also, the shower wall is designed for two people to take a shower at once if desired -- his and hers or child and parent. The shower is a completely separate room that you walk into from the toilet/sink area (and sorry I don't have any pictures on me at the moment). In fact, I sacrificed space in the toilet/sink area just so that I could get this large shower. The decision to do it this way was dictated by the layout of the house. But I personally think it is a lovely thing to be able to step into a sanctuary that is separated from the rest of the bathroom. Also, the shower room has three small windows so it can breathe on its own and it has plenty of light.

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Check out elphaba's reveal thread.

Her shower is 5x5 and curb-less. I just love her bathroom!

Here is a link that might be useful: Elphaba's beautiful bathroom

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Maybe you might want to consider a "wet room" shower style... The entire floor drains to the shower drain, so there isn't an "outside of the shower" to clean up. But, then you won't have all this dedicated-to-shower space that is mostly unused? Or, at least, it can be doubly used (you won't need to replicate the space for help around the toilet too.)

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I've already posted ours:

Guest Bathroom Remodeling

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Here is our finished walk in

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I would recommend a custom shower pan that is a one piece unit. No leaking and has a prefigured slope to your drain. Easy to install!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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