Appliance decisions - time running out. Desperate for help!

maries1120May 7, 2012

Kitchen starts on 5/25 and we are leaving for vacation that day as well. Need to wrap things up but struggling with the appliance decisions so could use any help, advice suggestions. Ideally would like to limit to 2 brands - kitchen isn't too big so things are close together. Here is where I am at with each.

Refrigerator - need a bottom freezer, single door refrig which limits options. Max height 70". Options I have so far are Kitchenaid or Maytag.

Microwave - one of our most used appliances! Would like convection option as well if possible. Kitchenaid, Maytag, Bosch, or GE? Can't see Bosch in person so hesitant about that. From comments it seems like Bosch can be hit or miss.

Range (Electric) - would prefer to match the mocrowave. Not used extensively other than holiday meals or holiday baking. Again would like convection option and maybe a warming drawer. Brands - Kitchenaid, Bosch, Maytag or GE? Again not able to see the Bosch one and hate to order site unseen.

Dishwasher - need one with a recessed handle due to the cabient design. Bosch SHE6, 7 or 8? Or Kitchenaid KUDE50 or other Kitchenaid????

Desperate for any insight or advice that might help me get this decision done. Thanks.

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I just bought a new Kitchenaid dishwasher. If you go Kitchenaid on the Dw, I would recommend getting the model without the hard food grinder. I would also go for the most expensive Bosch or Kitcheaid that you can afford if you are going to use it a lot. I posted comments about kitchenaid dw in another thread. We have a Kitchenaid convection oven that is 7 years old and have had no problems. We also have a Kitchenaid counter depth fridge that is 6 years old that we have been very happy with.

I too have a small kitchen.

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Thank you. It is good to hear some good KA feedback. A lot of negative reviews but then it seems like most that post are the ones not happy and I'm sure there are a lot of KA owners.

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We have a 36" Kitchen Aid side by side, front water/ice dispenser which is over ten years old. It's worked great with nice layout. It's never required service other than replacement of plastic water hose with copper piping to ice maker/water when we first got it. I just cleaned the refrigerator coils by taking off the bottom vinyl cover (after I unplugged it of course). Had not done that in too long so dust was on them which I gently shook off with a pastry brush on a rigged long handle, allowing the dust to go right into the awaiting pre-set narrow vacuum hose. The stainless steel front does not hold magnets which means the gauge of SS is thicker.

We also have a ten year old Kitchen Aid Dishwasher. I just checked it's filter, cleaned it out of minimal stuff and since we have hard water, ran a half cup of CLR (calcium, lime, rust) remover in a normal wash and then a second rinse (follow directions). I've never been too impressed with the machine's quietness, (55 decibels or more). I wasn't thinking decibels when I bought it: try to by one with a filter as has been suggested and lower decibels.

I'd buy a Kitchen Aid refrigerator and dishwasher again.

Good luck.

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Thanks. I am leaning toward Kitchen Aid and the positive comments are helping. I am looking at the 50 series dishwasher which does have the filter. The decibel level was very low. Our current one (Maytag) is about 20 years old so I'm sure anything will be quieter. It still works quite well. The KA range is about the same price as the Maytag and has a warming drawer. The KA refrigerator is $500 more so I might go with the Maytag for that since I want to go with a higher end dishwasher. Maybe DH will cave and go along with all KA but we are looking at flooring too right now so he is in sticker shock already.

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