Urgent! red nail polish spill!!!

cearabOctober 26, 2008

Well I've done it again. Painting my nails with OPI Big Apple Red while sitting on my white sofa. I know, bonehead thing to do, but normally I am pretty neat. The brush fell onto a white throw I had in my lap and my blue cotton knit pajamas. I immediately tried removing the stain with nail polish remover. A little bit came off, but not much. I have sprayed everything with some Greased Lightening and will launder now. These are very nice pajamas, and of course, the spot is right on the front on the chest area and on the leg near the knee area. What else can I do?

I know this was stupid and dumb, so please no flailing!! Just need some good advice as to what to do. I will not put the clothing or the throw (white chenille type throw), into the dryer. HELP! Thanks.

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I really don't know what to suggest without ruining the pjs or throw. That is why your mother always told you not to use nail polish in the living room.

Maybe you can pick it off with your fingernail when it is dry, but I just don't know what will do the trick. Goo Gone is something people like, but I don't know if it works on red nail polish.

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