79' vanity space -what to do?

nothingbutboysMay 16, 2012

Remodeling 'tween boys bathroom. Currently there is an ugly 80's dark oak base with a single sink and cultured marble extended top. I suppose it was intended as a make up vanity, but we used it as a changing table. I want to put in two sinks. However, size is an issue. 79" appears to be an odd size for a double vanity sink, so I've been looking at two free standing ones. However, not sure of size and spacing? Two 36" leaves 7" in the middle or on sides, which seems odd to try to work with. Two 30" leaves 19" - does this work with a space in between for a hamper or trash can? Do I buy these w/out counters and have a one piece made to go over both? Other sizes that would work?

I'm trying to avoid having to go custom, which at this point seems overwhelming to find someone. (Contractor we have is an excellent tile guy, but doesn't want to take on custom builds and would sub out.)

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!

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if you do a google search for RTA bathroom vanities you will find a number of companies that sell 'ready to assemble' cabinets that are prefinished and come in many sizes. We refinished our old 93" oak vanity and put pulls on it and a granite top, it looks great. We were going to get a new one built but we were running over budget so decided to keep what we had. Our GC told us that if we were going to replace it that we should get quotes from local cabinet shops and compare them to the RTA cabinet prices. He said that there are plenty of cabinet makers who will build a custom vanity for under $1,000

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Or you can get a 72" vanity with double sinks and center it in the space. That's what we did, and it worked out nicely.

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lynneblack - thanks will defn look!

sas95 - do you have any pictures you could share of the placement? Is the side/dead space an issue to clean?

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I'll see if I can get some pictures tonight. I have found it is hard to get good pictures when you have a narrow bathroom- there's nowhere to stand to get the whole vanity in.

I have a little more space than 79", but only by a couple of inches at most. I will admit to not being the one to clean there (we have a cleaning person), but it always looks nice and clean so she seems to be getting in there fine.

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how about 2 @ 30" each with 2 big drawers in the middle - 2 hampers. 1 for each boy or 1 for clothes and 1 for towels, wash clothes?

or a shallow drawer for misc and a deep hamper pull out?

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I think that you don't need 30" bases for the sinks. While nice, you can go smaller. I 17" sink it plenty big, especially if you have two of them so the 30" base is more than you need. I have a 83" base and did FIVE sections--15" hamper (dark clothes), 24" sink base, 15" center drawer stack, 24" sink base, 15" hamper (light clothes). It is great. So, with 79, you can do three 26" bases and two two sinks with a middle stack (27") or as desertsteph suggested, one drawer with a hamper underneath--you can even make it a double hamper. I would definitely not waste an entire 30" on each drawer base.

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I like going the route of 30" vanities with 19" left for a drawer stack or hamper. In this case, you would buy the vanities without tops and either have a single countertop w/ integrated sinks made for the space (HD has a service for this) or purchase drop in or undermount sinks and use laminate, granite, or quartz for the countertop. Don';t forget you can do spacers on either side of the vanities if you need to make up for any difference in available component sizes. In fact you may want to do spacers on the ends if the vanity is right at a doorway.

There are a few different options for setup--

1) As the vanities are standalone, you can order ones where both sides are finished or 1 with left side finished and 1 with right side finished. Then you can use just a regular hamper in the empty space underneath the counter that slides into place.

2) Order vanities and a drawer stack to place all in a row under the countertop. Finished sides will not matter in this scenario

3) Order vanities and built-in hamper unit to place all in a row under the countertop. Again, finished sides not an issue.

Just remembered, Lowe's has a semi-custom vanity program you should probably check into. If I remember right, it was reasonably priced. I can't remember the name of the program though. Your local Lowe's should be able to help out though. That may be the easiest way to go.

Hope this helps!

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