Thermador Wall Ovens

idco44May 4, 2013

Are you as frustrated as I am (was) about the negative postings on most products? Nobody seems to want to post POSITIVE feedback about their ovens, only negative postings.

Our Thermador Professional Wall Oven is wonderful and is of very high quality. We were not necessarily on a budget when selecting this upper end model, PODC302J, but quite honestly the choice was really a matter of which model "looked good" and had the least solid state controls. We wanted "knobs" in lieu of fancy control panels, to reduce the possibility of costly control board failures.

This oven also comes with slow closing oven doors and smooth gliding oven racks. So we chose this model and are very pleased with it's performance.

As you may notice, everyone seems to want to post negative only, information on products, which after reading so many, I was afraid to pick any oven, for fear it might fail. Don't be fooled, find something you like and make certain you feel comfortable you'll get good backup service from that appliance store. We purchased an extended warranty lasting 2-years, over and beyond Thermador's standard 2-year warranty, for a total of 4-years. While I could have installed the oven myself, we decided to have the wall oven professionally installed by the appliance store installer, to eliminate any disputes, should something fail during the warranty period. This was a good decision and much less stressful since the installation was more involved than I first thought.

Thus far we are very pleased with our purchase of our Thermador oven.

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Thank you so much for posting this! We are building and have become paralyzed to bite the bullet on appliances because of all the negative reviews. I've just decided I am going to focus on customer service and who stands by their products. Every brand is bound to have an issue or two but if the company stands by their products and takes care of you, that makes all the difference.

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Don't be fooled by rotary controls on exterior of the panel. There still likely is one or more electronic boards behind the panel. The dials function to program the board for bake mode, temperature, etc. ... rotary knobs in lieu of pushbuttons or touchpads but the system is still electronic.

I don't find a specific parts listing for PODC302J but I do find a similar model PODC30201. It has a display module board behind the control panel, a separate control board mounted at the rear above the upper oven, a power supply module, a couple transformers and various sensors.

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I like my new Bosch 300 series oven for many reasons including its quiet fan, and the knobs. I don't particularly care if it's electronic behind; the user interface counts for a lot in my book. I find knobs so much faster and easier to use, regardless of what they're doing behind the panel.

And in keeping with positive posts, I give kudos to our dealer Abt Appliance who, even though they let us buy a Whirlpool first, put up with our schedules and desires and cabinet needs to get us cooking happily and quietly away with our Bosch.

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