Bathtub reglazing contractors NJ?

s8thrdMay 29, 2012


I was wondering if there was anyone out there with positive or negative recommendations re bathtub reglazers in the Union County NJ area.

We are having a terrible time finding contractors for this. There is literally only one listed in our local phone book. He seems ok (a local guy, not a chain, but supposedly in business for 20 years mostly doing apartment complexes), but we cannot find any information on him anywhere. We know how important it is to check such a company out (and we are very leery of this anyway, but aren't seeing other good solutions), but how do you get reviews/references, verify time in business, etc? (Obviously, we can ask the contractor for refs, but that is of limited value.) They are not listed with the BBB. The state has recorded no complaints against them, which tells us something, but not a lot.

When I look for other refacers, it turns out that they do not serve our area. It seems strange that in this densely populated area there are virtually no contractors for this. (There are lots of companies who do liners, but that's probably not doable in our case, or at least wouldn't come out well.)

I know that replacing the tub is in some ways the best solution, but it would involve over $20K in costs and put our only upstairs bath out of commission for, potentially, months.

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It is still just paint (often epoxy paint) and does not last all that long.

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Sophie Wheeler

You can buy a tub for under $500. There is no way that even an involved tub replacement will cost 20K unless you have a water leakage issue. If you do, then you'd better spend that 20K to fix it!

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To those who have responded: While I know you mean well, for future reference I would suggest (particularly the second poster) that before you post you stop and think that if a homeowner is stating (not asking) that a project has a certain cost, that homeowner has very likely met with several contractors and established this fact. You clearly have little knowledge of the unique and expensive issues which can arise with old houses (such as old plumbing set in concrete floors and walls, necessitating complete bath remodels down to the studs).

I stated clearly that I was not happy with the reglazing idea but was pursuing it because a tub replacement would cost at least $20K.

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Sophie Wheeler

Honey, I've done that job myself, so I wouldn't exactly characterize my knowledge as "little" on the subject. In addition, I've been the designer of record for around 400 bath remodels, so again, I'm not posting from a vacuum here. Although I'm now retired, I'm very well versed in the labor needed to do just a tub replacement, and if you're getting 20K quotes for just that project, then I can fly a crew there tomorrow, stay in a first class hotel, and take a cruise for all of us when done for the same amount.

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I'm somewhat near you, considering a similar thing.

I have a fiberglass one-piece enclosure that is showing signs of wear. It had a crack, a few scratches and is starting to show signs of "flex". I've met with some contractors about doing a replace. Most want to gouge me in price and the ones that don't irk me in some way, shape, or form. What did you end up doing?

I've been talking to an outfit in southwest NJ -- running into the same problem. 20+ years in business but can't find a sliver of info about them. Maybe the same guys??

This may mean one of two things or both in my opinion:

- They mostly do commercial work.
- It's GOOD. Most people go online to give their negative experiences.

Of course there's always that chance they don't do much business, really haven't been around for 20+ years, or something else.

Haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. If I had a second full bathroom, I'd probably take the replacement job on myself as a learning experience. I don't have an old house, so most of it should be pretty straightforward.

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We haven't done anything yet. Personally, if I had a fiberglass enclosure with problems, I'd just replace it unless there were some special circumstance making this especially difficult or expensive. The guy I spoke with did reglazing only, and was one of several in Toms River. I agree that it's tough to know about contractors; I don't know anything at all about fiberglass people.

One thing: my plumber recommends against the people who just cover over what you've got; he's seen terrible mold build-up between the layers.

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We're likely going to replace it. The company I have looked into is named GFR.

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