My latest 'treasure shopping' finds

luvstocraftAugust 12, 2010

Went with a friend to find wallpaper for her bathroom and then hit a TS and antique store looking for bargains/treasures.

Here's pics of what I found: The candle holders were cheap and I thought I might need them as "pedestals" for something, the little vase was only 99 cents and thought I might find a topper so it could be used as a cloche. Really liked the wreath with the twigs and roses. I have a little birdnest I think I will add at the bottom. The two white chargers were only 85 cents each so I had to bring them home too! Enjoy the pics.


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Hi Luvs,
You had a successful day!! I LUV the wreath, and would you believe that I found a bowl yesterday at our junk shop that matches your chargers?? How cool is that!!! I am going to use my bowl in a black iron holder on top of the fridge. I keep candy up there so that I don't have to share it with grands, great-grands and the assorted kid :^). Actually I keep it there mostly to hide it from myself!!
So, you did a good deed for the neighbor and had a great day yourself! Good for you..

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Oh, you did find some "goodies," luvs...white charger plates, too...those will be useful! I've collected a couple of those wooden candle holders (that are beautiful) after seeing your painted bird/nest project some time back.

Wanted to say what a blessing for the neighbor who loves the "Campbell" stuff good to have people (like you!) that can make your day so much better! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great finds!!! I especially like your new wreath, which is lovely. You know, it might also work as a sometimes centerpiece with a tiered plate in the middle of it. Just a thought.

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Luvs, great finds. You could use most of this on your table for next week if you wanted to. I like the idea of using your wreath for a centerpiece as Lynn suggested.


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Good things come to 'Good People' and
your neighbor is so blessed to have you there..
I like your candle holders...been trying to find some wooden ones like those too...they seem so versatile.
Also the White chargers are lovely. I can see you using them with many other plates.
Sorry I didn't get to see the wreath...the photo was I missed it :(
I've used wreaths for a centerpiece as Lynn suggested.
I just inserted a candle in a glass Hurricane, and put it in the center of a wreath. I've also used a pedistal cake plate with the same idea, for added height....makes a nice focal point.


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That wreath is unique! Pairing the formality of roses with the rusticity of twigs--what a great idea. Really like it.

I love the chargers, so versatile for you and your DH, you can use some of your very pretty dishes with them. And the candlesticks are wonderful for can either make them "disappear" into an arrangement of fall leaves, or you could even put some gilt on them, or rub on a colored stain, etc. Of course, you could also paint a small design (I have some small ceramic candlesticks with a tiny pomegranate on each one).Get those wheels turning, LUVS!

- Magpie

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Sorry that I still don't know how to post pics.. I've got one more GC's wedding to get through and one GS leaving for NC State (today actually) Maybe after all that quiets down, some of the GKs will have time to help me figure it out. But I have found quite a few TS treasures... 2 sets of Christmas dishes . a service for 8 of Gibson, don't know the name of the pattern, but it is green holly with red berries and red bows. The other was a set of "Snowmwn" service for 4 and it didn't have any cups or mugs with it, but I found some at DG that matched in color and will work (good Hot Chocolate mugs" I bought 7 Byers Choice Carolers (for $27) on Ebay. There was a MR.&Mrs. Santa that will go nicely with my other Santa collection. Then at a YS, I bought 6 strands of wooden "cranberry" beads to use on my little tree in the kitchen.
I think I could decorate the whole neighborhood without buying anything more, but you know how it is..just can't pass up a bargin. Janet

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Magpie,I hadn't even thought about using those candleholders for anything other than making a pedestal. However, I have seen them painted up like snowmen or santas--or I could paint a couple acorns on them I guess.

I only have red chargers, so these very inexpensive white ones seemed like something fun to "play" with while doing tablescapes. Jay, that's neat that you found a bowl in the same design--these say Gibson on the back. I like your idea of the candy stash! LOL

I have used wreaths for centerpieces before like you suggested Lynn and Jane. Not so sure about using this one that way--think the little twiggy parts stick out too far, and the flowers don't go all the way around. Jane, I'm still seeing the picture there, wonder why you couldn't see it?????

Jeanne, I don't know which of us is more blessed, me or my new friend! She is amazing and such a good rolemodel for me, she has MS and just fights it tooth and nail--is painting her bathroom and getting ready to hang wallpaper--maybe being around her will get me to stop procrastinating and get something done--if she can do all that, then I sure have no excuse!


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Great finds, Luvs! The wreath is just lovely!
You are very creative, so I know you know exactly what to do with your treasures! :)

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